5 reasons perfectionism might actually be harming your career and your studies

If you are a perfectionist, you are more prone to have high levels of stress. Not only that but any chance of failure can often leave you devastated and unable to move on.

Therefore it is quite easy to see that being a perfectionist can be quite a negative thing.  If you still doubt it, here are a further five reasons why.

  1. Everything or nothing attitude can make you feel like you can’t accomplish anything.
  2. Even if you achieve great results, you will often not be satisfied due to the fact that if the end result isn’t exactly as you wanted it you will be upset. This leads to a large amount of stress that will affect your ability to learn and your ability to work. Therefore try and set realistic goals for yourself and don’t berate yourself too badly for not always achieving what you aim for.
  1. Fear is a paralyser not a motivator
  2. In addition to being a perfectionist and not wanting to fail, you often don’t want others to see you slip-up. This can result in you constant second guessing yourself. This often leads to you backing down from risks and challenges.
  1. Criticism can be constructive
  2. If you are a perfectionist you have a natural tendency to find faults so that you can correct it. This is all done to make sure your work is unquestionably brilliant. However, what happens when you are questioned? Many perfectionists are already worn thin from constantly critiquing themselves, that any sort of negative feedback from other people can lead to disastrous results.
  1. Perfect and late, is not perfect!
  2. Most perfectionists have the obvious issue of not being able to send in work that they don’t believe is 100% perfect. This can often result in you taking very long with a small section of work. This means that often you won’t finish your work. This upsets clients and employers.
  1. You will never be happy.
  2. It doesn’t matter, how well you do, even if your work is of outstanding quality, you will never be happy with what you have done. Instead of being proud of your achievements, you just find error after error.

Now you see? Perfectionism can often, be a very negative trait that affects you in ways you don’t even realise. Hopefully each person can, moderate there inner perfectionists and not have all the negative effects.

25th July, 2016

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