Accredited ICB entrepreneurship courses

Want to  know the Accredited ICB entrepreneurship courses you can study via distance learning?  Here is your list of Accredited ICB entrepreneurship qualifications:


  • National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management
  • Higher Certificate in Office Administration
  • National Diploma in Financial Accounting


What is entrepreneurship?


Accredited ICB entrepreneurship courses

Entrepreneurship has been defined as the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. The most obvious example of entrepreneurship is the starting of new businesses.

Entrepreneurs have the willingness to develop, manage and organize a business so that it can compete in the global market. Entrepreneurs all share common characteristics, some of which include: tenacity, drive and risk- taking.

Entrepreneurs seek to change the status quo and bring new goods or services into the market for use to consume. If you want to start your own business you also need to be courageous and not afraid to fail and start over again. You must have the capacity to learn from your  mistakes.

Entrepreneurs are anything but the ordinary, they are the leaders and trendsetters in our world. They lead society to new discoveries and advances in business, science and so many other aspects of our lives. In a country plagued with poverty and unemployment we need more entrepreneurs.

If you can spot a good business opportunities and have dreams about starting your own company one day, then ICB entrepreneurship courses are perfect for you! By studying for a course in entrepreneurship you will be taught how to start and grow a small business to a large company.

Accredited ICB Entrepreneurship courses with Together We Pass and TWP Academy


Accredited ICB entrepreneurship courses

Together We Pass has been helping distance learning students pass since 2008.  We decided many years ago that the real way to help students is to to be able to offer qualifications ourselves, in a highly supported way that gives every student the chance to succeed.

In 2015 we launched TWP Academy, which is our private distance learning college.  Here are able to offer fully accredited business qualifications in our highly supported style.

To study our ICB Entrepreneurship courses you only need a grade 11 to enrol. And your first qualification gives you access to higher studies, all the way to a national diploma level.  From there we can assist you to move over to a CIMA qualification, where you can study to post graduate level.

Our entrepreneurship courses are all accredited by the Institute of Certificated Bookkeepers (the ICB). The ICB are the Quality Assurance Partner (QAP) of the QCTO SETA. FASSET SETA  issues all of the graduates diplomas and certificates. Thus the government of South Africa and all future employers will recognise your qualifications. Visit the ICB website to learn more about them here: About the ICB

The ICB has done a site inspection on the premises of our college to ensure that we offer a high standard of education as required by the ICB. Thus you can be assured that the study materials and learning support you receive is of a very high standard.  We have all the staff, policies, financial stability and infrastructure to offer this course to you.  And we have 8 years of experience helping home study students pass, and now you can even study a full qualification with us.  


How ICB Entrepreneurship courses are structured


By studying ICB entrepreneurship courses you will build up the necessary knowledge and skills needed to make a business successful. You will learn more about innovation, how to take advantage of opportunities,market strategies and analysis of financial markets. You will also learn more about various aspects of marketing, PR, human resources management, finances, accounting and management.

The programme has three levels, and each level gives you access to the next level.  You can be exempted from certain levels by applying for  recognition of prior learning, which is only issued at the discretion of the ICB.  In all other instances you cannot join the higher levels of this programme without first completing the previous level.

Here are the 3 levels you need to complete to get your Diploma:


  1. Level 1 – Foundation Level 
    • Name of Qualification: Small Business Financial Management
    • Award type: National Certificate
    • NQF Level: 4


  1. Level 2 – Intermediate Level
    • Name of Qualification: Office Administration
    • Award type: National Higher Certificate
    • NQF Level: 5


  1. Level 3 – Advanced Level
    • Name of Qualification: Financial Accounting
    • Award type: National Diploma
    • NQF Level: 6


Level 1: Foundation Level: National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management


With a National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management you will be able to understand and analyse financial statements better and know how to deal with different stakeholders. In order to pass this course you must pass 3 subjects.


Course National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management
Award type National Certificate
NQF level Level 4
Accredited by QCTO
Duration Aproximately 9 months
Entrance requirements Grade 11 OR an NQF level 3 qualification

Level 2: Intermediate Level: Higher Certificate: Office Administration


With a Higher Certificate in Office Administration you will also be able to start and run your own business and apply different areas of finance, law, marketing and HR.

In order to get a qualification, you need to pass a further 5 subjects on top of the Level 1 subjects.


Course Higher Certificate: Office Administration
Award type National higher certificate
NQF level Level 5
Accredited by QCTO
Duration +15 months
Entry requirement National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management (must include the Entrepreneurship 1 subject)


Level 3: Advanced Level: National Diploma: Financial Accounting


In order to be awarded the National Diploma in Financial Accounting, you need to complete 4 additional subjects. Here are some of the careers you can consider if you do not decide to immediately start your own business: a financial accountant, business consultant or an accounting officer.


Course: National Diploma: Financial Accounting
Award type National diploma
NQF level Level 6
Accredited by QCTO
Duration +12 months
Entrance requirements ICB higher Certificate: Office Administration (must include the Business Management 2 subject).


Start your journey with TWP Academy


Accredited ICB entrepreneurship courses will give you a head start in the business world. We at Together We Pass know you have the potential to start your own business empire, and are keen to start the journey with you. If you want your company to be successful in the global market. You need to have a good and broad knowledge of different areas in business. Such areas would include: global business strategy, IT, research methods in finance, business management, HR and more.Accredited ICB entrepreneurship courses

If you always wanted to study entrepreneurship, but working full- time you don’t have to leave your job. You can study via distance learning with Together We Pass, via our sister college TWP Academy. If you study ICB Entrepreneurship courses, you will have the edge of having inside knowledge when starting your business. In your career it is also beneficial getting a well- rounded education to ensure your business a success.

Besides offering high quality courses, we are also affordable and you can pay us in monthly installments. We also won’t do any credit checks on your finance history. We believe everyone has the right to study and should not be prevented from doing so because of past mistakes. If you happened to be blacklisted in the past you won’t be prevented from enrolling with us. If you encounter financial difficulties while you are studying with us, we also won’t blacklist you. We will put your studies on hold while you sort out your finances.

Lecturers are also available to assist you all the time with questions about the work. You are also able to interact on online study groups with your fellow students and lecturers. If you don’t understand the work properly, you can communicate with each other so you do.

You can make your dreams come true. Don’t delay! Start studying today with us. Call 0800 39 00 27 to talk to one of our very friendly consultants or simply fill out a form online and you will be contacted by us soon.




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