Did you know we now sell Exam Packs?

Our Exam Packs can Comprises of

  • Past Exam Questions
  • Typical exam type questions
  • Solutions to questions
  • Guidance on answering exam questions
  • Mark allocation Guidance
  • Additional comments on solutions and common mistakes, in case of technical modules
  • Time allocations to questions provided

How can an exam pack help a student?

  • Helps review progress in studies (self assessment)
  • Helps improve strategies on attempting questions
  • Helps identify the do’s and don’ts in an exam as far as the module is concerned
Exam Packs
Exam Preparation

Using an exam pack improves your marks!

Wow, this looks great! I will begin working through it tonight and will let you know how I progress. What a fantastic offering by TWP! This is really going to go down well with everyone I think.

Petra Ceronio

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