Why Do I Pay?

Want to know the answer to the question: why do I pay?

Firstly, you only pay for Premium and Gold study groups.  All other study groups are free.

Your payment is what allows the lecturer to be in the study group, write notes and exam packs.

It also pays the developer who maintains the website and keeps things running smoothly.

This is what you get when you register:



  • Full access to the Free resources such as study notes shared by your fellow students
    • Some free study groups might NOT have resources yet
    • You may find resources that you can get for free on other websites as we load anything shared with us by other students.
    • You can download them via the resources tab – http://www.togetherwepass.co.za/resources/
    • Only Premium and Gold groups have gaurenteed notes and exam packs that we have developed ourselves


  • Access to a dedicated lecturer for one-on-one help
    • This is only in Gold and Premium study groups
    • He is able to answer your queries or direct you to a place where you can help yourself!
    • You get help by posting in the study group activity feed and the lecturer will answer you there so all students can benefit from the answer


  • Get daily updates from the website
    • You will get an email telling you what has happened in your study group, with a link to the discussion.
    • You have to be logged in for the link to work.  If the link takes you to a log in page, then log in and go back to the email and click on the link again.
    • You can decide if you want this on every post, daily, weekly, monthly or never.  We suggest the Daily Digest

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