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The DRAGON is the Premium Deluxe, Super VIP, Tutoring on Steroids option. You get all the goodies from the Gold and Premium groups, and then, some more. If you really want to push for a First, or you have been struggling with a subject… the Dragon is the answer for that completely one-on-one experience.

We hold you hand every step of the way. Nothing is too much to ask. Your lecturer is available for Skype chats, one-on-one discussions in the Chat Forums, notes on what you should be studying right now, special exam preparation sessions, assignment comparison, great study notes, exam packs, notes printed and couriered to your door, study timetable and reminders… and more!

If you absolutely can not afford to fail your exam. Or if you are aiming for the top spot. This is the full-service, personal tutoring option that you must take.

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