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On the Gold Level: You get all the study forums (chat and discussion groups); assignment comparison and resources library, along with our study timetable, lecture notes and exam packs. This is for the student who wants all the resources, but do not need intense access to our lecturers.

  • You can call us anytime if you need help on how to use the site and find the resources. So call us for things like: how to log in; lost your password; where to find your study group; finding resources on the site; how to post questions and answers for your fellow students; how to friend someone; how to send a personal message; how to use the assignment comparison tool; and where to find the “how-to guides”.
  • This is a self-study option, where you get help and interaction from your classmates.
  • Daily emails to keep you up to date on what has been discussed in the groups.
  • Friend your classmates for one-on-one chats.
  • Compare and discuss assignments… cheat-free.
  • In-depth Study Notes written by our expert Lecturers. Summarised and Organised… so you tackle the things you must know for the exam, first.
  • Exam packs; mock exams with typical exam questions and answers.

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