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Welcome to our Matric Study Groups!

Study groups is one of the best and most cost effectives ways to ensure that you do very well in your Matric finals.

The best ways to improve your understanding of your work are:

1. Discuss your coursework with students around South Africa studying the same subject as you
2. Teach the work you understand really well to other students. Teaching others is one of the best ways to sharpen your own understanding of the work – and you get to help other people!
3. Identify the parts of the work you struggle with, and discuss this with lecturers and other students

In your TWP Matric Study Groups we give you:

1. Teachers in your group, to help you with parts of the work you struggle with
2. Other students doing the same work, and preparing for the same exam. You get to help them, and they help you.
3. Past exam papers. And help with the answers when you work out these exam papers.
4. Motivation and that little push from our lecturers when you need the extra energy!

TogetherWePass brings you Matric Subject Study Groups for the following subjects?

If you absolutely can not afford to fail your exam. Or if you are aiming for the top spot. This is the final sharpening of our knowledge to get the best results you can!

Available Subjects
Life Sciences
Physical Science
Afrikaans (FAL)
Consumer Studies
Maths Literacy
Business Studies
Information Technology

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