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ACN3073 Financial Planning and Control – Semester 1


ACN3073 Financial Planning and Control

    • Your friendly Student Advisor (Lecturer) will facilitate the entire experience.
    • A vibrant discussion forum for engaging with your classmates and Student Advisor with any subject related matters.
    • An activity feed to keep up to date with what is going on with your group
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    • Revision App where you can compare and discuss assignments and past exam questions.
    • An exam pack will be made available for students (mock exam typical questions and answers)
    • Share useful resources with your classmates (click below to see what is there now)
    • Students have access to a lecturer to answer all questions.
Resources offered

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This Study Group has an in-house Academic Lecturer.

ACN3073 Financial Planning and Control equips students with knowledge and skills in the following principles of management accounting: Gain knowledge and insight into selected accounting and financial management techniques as well as the ability to apply this knowledge by virtue of calculations, Interpret and integrate time value of money, cost of capital, capital investment decisions, financing decisions, standard costing and budgets.

What it will do for you

    • IMPROVE YOUR MARKS by comparing and discussing MCQ assignments (cheat free!!)
    • IMPROVE YOUR UNDERSTANDING by discussing your course on our Discussion Forums
    • BE READY FOR EXAMS by doing group revision of past papers
    • GET AND KEEP A NEW JOB with advice from our Professional Development Network
    • ACCESS GREAT FREE STUDY RESOURCES such as student notes, past papers and more.
Financial Management - ACN3073 book

Prescribed books for ACN3073 Financial Planning and Control

Title Financial Management
    Author Brigham EF Ehrhardt MC
    Year Published 2007
    Edition Rev custom
    Publisher Cengage Learning EMEA
    Book Notes Bundled with Management and Cost Accounting 1st ed – use given ISBN
Management and Cost Accounting - ACN3073 Book
Title Management and Cost Accounting
    Author Drury, C
    Year Published 2012
    Edition 8th
    Publisher Cengage Learning EMEA
    Book Notes Bundled with Brigham, Financial Management – use given ISBN

Resources for ACN3073 Financial Planning and Control

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