CLA1501 Notes 2018

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These study notes are a summarized version of the UNISA subject CLA1501 (Commercial Law 1A), written by our Together We Pass lecturers. This module pertains to a general understanding of the South African Legal System as well as an overview of the Law of Contracts.

Content included:

Study Unit 1: The South African Legal System

Study Unit 2: Introduction to the Science of Law

Study Unit 3: Law of Contract: Introduction

Study Unit 4: Consensus

Study Unit 5: Capacity to Perform Juristic Acts

Study Unit 6: The Agreement Must be Possible

Study Unit 7: Formalities

Study Unit 8: Terms of the Contract

Study Unit 9: Interpretation of the Contract

Study Unit 10: Breach of Contract

Study Unit 11: Remedies for Breach of Contract

Study Unit 12: Transfer and Termination of Rights

Disclaimer: Together We Pass does not hold a collaboration agreement with UNISA, hence any reference to codes is a reference to official UNISA codes. TWP provides Study Notes and Study Groups to UNISA students that are written by TWP’s qualified lecturers.

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Commercial Law IA – CLA1501

Under Graduate Degree,Diploma Semester module NQF level: 5 Credits: 12
Module presented in English
Purpose: The aim of this module is to provide students with a general understanding of the South African legal system and to equip them with knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies to analyse and solve basic problems relating to the general principles of the law of contract in South Africa.

Source: UNISA


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