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There are NO resources for this study group. Please email with any resources you may have.

ENG1502 Foundations in English Language Studies equips students with the skills of applied English language studies (such as in applied linguistics, writing/rhetoric studies, and discourse studies). Students will be able to apply their understanding and skills to English language as it functions in various real-life contexts and domains. ENG1502 Foundations in English Language Studies aims to introduce students to a systematic description of English Language and to introduce students to the grammatical competences needed to apply their knowledge to the analysis of authentic language data. ENG1502 Foundations in English Language Studies introduces meta-language terminology in the discipline of Applied English language studies which is essential for advanced proficiency and literacy development.

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 No Resources for ENG1502 Foundations in English Language Studies

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    • Weekly updates from a tutor about what you should be studying
    • Group-led lunchtime study sessions at critical points in the term
    • If your group hits 30 members we will give you free specialist support before assignments and exams

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    • IMPROVE YOUR MARKS by comparing and discussing MCQ assignments (cheat free!!)
    • IMPROVE YOUR UNDERSTANDING by discussing your course on our Discussion Forums
    • BE READY FOR EXAMS by doing group revision of past papers
    • GET AND KEEP A NEW JOB with advice from our Professional Development Network
    • ACCESS GREAT FREE STUDY RESOURCES such as student notes, past papers and more.

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