ENN1504 Practising Workplace English – Semester 1


ENN1504 Practising Workplace English

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Resources for ENN1504 Practising Workplace English

ENN1504 Practising Workplace English enables students to develop proficiency in English and a range of related communication skills and strategies for both public and private sector work environments. The central focus is on the ability to produce well written work-related documentation in English.

What it will do for you

    • IMPROVE YOUR MARKS by comparing and discussing MCQ assignments (cheat free!!)
    • IMPROVE YOUR UNDERSTANDING by discussing your course on our Discussion Forums
    • BE READY FOR EXAMS by doing group revision of past papers
    • GET AND KEEP A NEW JOB with advice from our Professional Development Network
    • ACCESS GREAT FREE STUDY RESOURCES such as student notes, past papers and more.

This module is all about ENN1504-REN1504 Practising Workplace English. We can help you pass now!

Resources for ENN1504-REN1504 Practising Workplace English

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