FAC1501 Introductory Financial Accounting – Semester 2

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FAC1501 Introductory Financial Accounting

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Resources for FAC1501-FAC1M1X Introductory Financial Accounting

FAC1501 Introductory Financial Accounting introduces students to the fundamental concepts and principles of financial accounting; the purpose and use of business documents; the recording of cash and credit transactions; bank reconciliation; inventory; trial balance; final accounts; adjustments and the elementary financial statements of a sole tracer.

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This module is all about FAC1501-RFA1501 Introductory Financial Accounting. We can help you pass now!

Resources for FAC1501-FAC1M1X Introductory Financial Accounting

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  • 2012
    • Afrikaans
      • 2012
      • exam_pack
        • FAC1501 EXAM PACK 2016.pdf
      • notes
        • FAC1501 - SU 8 - Bank reconciliations.pdf
        • FAC1501 - SU 9 - Trial Balance.pdf
        • FAC1501 - SU1.pdf
        • FAC1501 - SU10 - Final accounts v1.pdf
        • FAC1501 - SU2.pdf
        • FAC1501 - SU3.pdf
        • FAC1501 SU 5.pdf
        • FAC1501 SU 7 Class examples.xlsx
        • FAC1501 SU4.pdf
        • SU 6 - Credit transactions.pdf
        • SU 7 - Inventory.pdf
      • solutions
        • May2011 Exam.xlsx
        • May2012 Exam.xlsx
        • October2011 Exam.xlsx
        • October2012 Exam (1).xlsx

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