MNI3701 Global Business Environment – Semester 1

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MNI3701 Global Business Environment

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Resources for MNI3701 Global Business Environment

MNI3701 Global Business Environment introduces students to Global Business management and its dynamics as a strategic approach for businesses that operates across international borders and provides insight into the complexity of business operations across international borders and the essence of international business environments in the international business context, covering the processes involved in identifying international business opportunities, and how to exploit same in a strategic manner and prepares potential global managers for the challenges of operating internationally. It exposes students to various fields of business management such as Human resources, marketing, strategic management, finance, and accounting and touches on some aspects of sociology, IT and a host of others issues that influence the conduct of business globally.

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This module is all about MNI301J Global Business Environments and Strategies. We can help you pass now!

Author Aregbeshola, A.
Title Global Business Environments and Strategies
Year Published 2011
Edition 4th
Publisher Oxford University Press, Southern Africa, Cape Town

Resources for MNI3701-MNI301J Global Business Environment

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