TAX2601 Principles of Taxation – Semester1

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TAX2601 Principles of Taxation

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TAX2601 Principles of Taxation provides students with sound knowledge of the Income Tax Act, applicable to individuals (natural persons) as well as the application of the principles governing individuals in order to determine the income tax liability. The module encompasses the calculation of income tax liability including the calculation of fringe benefits, retirementbenefits, investment income, farming income and capital gains tax. Students will also learn to calculate pre-paid taxes both employees

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Fundamentals of South African Income Tax 2014 - tax2601 book

Prescribed book for TAX2601 Principles of Taxation

Title Fundamentals of South African Income Tax 2014
    Author Carpenter, R.
    Year Published 2014
    Edition 4th
    Publisher H&H Publications
Fundamentele oor Suid Afrikaanse Inkomstebelasting 2014 - tax2601 book
Title Fundamentele oor Suid Afrikaanse Inkomstebelasting 2014
    Author Carpenter, R.
    Year Published 2014
    Edition 4th
    Publisher H&H Publications

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