UNISA application dates 2017 second semester

 UNISA Application dates 2017 for Semester Two

UNISA application dates 2017 are vital to keep track of.  There have already been a number of changes to the application dates in 2016, and we will keep you updated if this trend continues in 2017. Remember, if you don’t apply, you cant register.  If you don’t apply you could be putting off your studies by 8 months or more.  Make sure you always know when the next application period is if you are thinking of studying with UNISA.

UNISA Application dates 2017 got an additional session in November 2017.  With almost 250,000 students applying in the first session we are likely to see it getting more and more difficult to get into UNISA.

UNISA application dates 2017 for the second semester opens in April. If your UNISA application is accepted in April you will be able to register in June to study for the second half of the year.

Read further on this page for the dates for application, and we will also give you some important information for you to consider when you apply to study at UNISA in 2017.

 UNISA Application dates 2017 –  second semester

UNISA application dates 2017 for second semester are as follows:

UNISA Undergraduate, Honours & Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters & Doctoral Qualifications:

Registrations open Registrations close
UNISA Undergraduate Diplomas for Semester 2: 3 April 2017 28 April 2017
 UNISA Honours & postgraduate diplomas:UNISA Master’s & doctoral qualifications:  12 September 2016   11 November 2016

 UNISA Application important information

I know I have written about these issues many times before, but it bears saying every time.  Please read through this very carefully so that you understand the difference between application and registration.

UNISA application

First you have to apply to study at UNISA.

Remember there is no guarantee you will get a place.  Your application gets scored on a number of issues, including your marks, the number of places available in the qualification you want to study as well as things like race, gender and socio-economic background.

UNISA aims to level the playing field in terms of socio-economic factors without losing out on the quality of the education offered.

Remember – once you apply and are accepted you need to register your subjects for the following term.

UNISA registration

Once UNISA has let you know  you have been accepted and you have your student number you need to register your subjects for the following term.

Registration usually takes place 2 or 3 months after applications.

If you don’t register in the following term your application will automatically be removed and you will have to apply all over again if you wish to continue.

You will also be automatically excluded if you do not pay your application fee, so be sure you know what to pay, to whom and by what date.  This is a problem many potential students fall foul of, so be sure you know this in detail and set reminders for yourself about it.

Good Luck with your UNISA application!

Together We Pass wishes you all the best with your UNISA application, and we wish you every success.  Once you are a student we hope you come and join us in our study groups – remember many of our study groups are free so call us any time to enquire.

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