UNISA Registration Dates 2018

Registration for 2018 is now closed!  If you missed the UNISA registration dates 2018 that is unfortunately too bad. The next chance you will have to register to study at UNISA is January 2019.

UNISA Registration Dates 2018
UNISA Registration 2018 now closed!


UNISA Registration Dates 2018 are now closed

If you need to register to study with UNISA you can only register in 2019.

If you were accepted to study in 2018 and you missed registration then unfortunately you are going to have to go through all the trouble of applying all over again.

If you are a returning student remember that you need to register both terms, or at least get the required credits you need annually in order to keep going with your studies.  If you do less than the minimum requirement you will not be able to continue.

In your first year of studies you need a minimum of 36 credits over two semesters. This will not apply to you if you are on an extended program or alternative pathway. For this you will need a minimum of 24 credits per year (or two consecutive semesters).

In your second year of studies you need a minimum of 48 credits over two semesters.





Registration Dates for the Academic Year 2019


  • For now, UNISA has removed the early registration period, for example, you can only register for 2019 in 2019.
  • We suggest that you register as early as possible. It is to make sure that you will have enough time to receive your study material in time for your first assignment. Find out more about how to register for the second-semester here on UNISA registration.
  • Unisa 2019 Application Dates


First Apply, THEN Register


  • You can only register with UNISA if you had successfully applied at the institution and was accepted.
  • The UNISA application process is a complicated process. You need to make sure that you submit all of your documents in the exact format that UNISA wants it to be. UNISA will not accept your application if you don’t. Then you’ll need to apply the following year again.


Note for New UNISA Students


  • You can only register if you have applied, and received confirmation of acceptance from UNISA. Please note that you will be removed from the registration process if UNISA finds that you were incorrectly accepted.


If You Need Help, We Are Always Here


  • If you are feeling under pressure in 2018, don’t forget that we are always here to help.  
  • We offer high value, low-cost support for UNISA students in BCom, BCompt and LLB degrees.
  • If you are interested to see what we have to offer, go to our shop, and search for your subjects at the top of the page: http://togetherwepass.co.za/study-groups/.




Last updated: July 15, 2018

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