Unisa Textbooks And Notes

Unisa textbooks and notes go hand in hand. Both prepare you for the exam. There are different Unisa textbooks and notes that you get. Do you know which ones are more important for your studies? Find out in this article, which Unisa textbooks and notes got your interest.

Unisa Textbooks and Notes
Together We Pass – Unisa Textbooks and Notes

Why Is It Important To Have Unisa Textbooks and Notes?

If you want to make sure that you pass your exam, the best practise will be to have both Unisa textbooks and notes. If you have both, you have a recipe for a successful pass.

Unisa Textbooks

The textbook leads you in your course. It provides information about the subject you’ll do and topics for discussion or research.

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Unisa Study Notes

Study notes help you to prepare for the exam. It also helps you in doing your assignments and to understand the work better.

When you received your textbooks, they do not really explain in much detail what a specific topic is about. Often the textbook only gives you the outline of the subject. If you only have your textbook, it can be difficult to understand your work.

Study notes tell you what is important and what is not important. They save so much time because you don’t have to study irrelevant bits of the work.

Good study notes go straight to the point without long explanations. It lifts the load from your shoulders by helping you understand big words and how to apply it to your work.

I know! It sounds difficult but that is why notes are so important. They will make your life and studies so much easier.

Do You Really Need Study Notes?

It saves time and helps Unisa students to know what to focus on.

Summarising notes for exams can be so much effort. You don’t have to do that if you have study notes. They make revision so much easier.

Notes are a good way to remember a lot of information. Great! Now you are also exercising your brain.

Study Notes Saves Time

Most Unisa students studies and works at the same time. Any time saved is a bonus. Detailed notes will point out the important things to focus on and save time on revision.

The Concern With Study Notes

Notes should cover the whole syllabus. It should not miss any modules. Make sure you receive a good set of notes. A good set of notes makes you understand better.

Types of Study Notes

Every one of us studies in a different manner. Some of us prefer to have the information listed, while others prefer mind maps.

Let’s have a look at the 3 different types of notes below.

Narrative Notes

This is for students who prefer the following:

  • Notes listed in bullet form
  • Step by step guidelines
  • Keywords (A word that reminds you of the work)

Visual Notes

Students who like creative things like pictures would like this method. It has many flowcharts, mind maps and tables to assist with studying.

Audio Notes

Not enough time on your hands? Then this method can work for you. Some of us do not like to read, but we enjoy listening to talks. Audio notes could be right for you. Everything is summarized and you can listen to it.

You can listen to it anytime, anywhere. While you travel, listen to the CD in your car. You can also listen to it on your phone. No more unnecessary reading.

Your mind is a powerful muscle. It takes in information easily and can store it for long periods of time. Listen to the notes in bed before you go to sleep. What better way to study?

Combination of Notes

A combination of notes is a bit of everything. This means that you like to have the information listed, have mind maps and listen to audio tapes.

This method opens up the mind as you are using more skills to remember large amounts of information.

Whatever method you prefer, make sure it works for you. You can read more on how to make effective study notes.

Where Can You Find Unisa Textbooks and Notes?

Lucky for you, Unisa textbooks and notes are mostly among Unisa students and they sell it online. Great!


Before you start buying textbooks, do you know which textbooks you need?  

Unisa Prescribed Books

Find your Unisa books here and make sure you will buy the correct edition and title of the book.

Unisa Official Booksellers List

This list provides you with a few booksellers where you can buy your books from. Find Unisa Official Booksellers here.

Quotation For Unisa Books

All of the booksellers have their own price. Contact the bookseller and get a quote from them. Some of the websites will display the price as well.

Download Textbooks Online

Textbooks can be expensive and no one wants to spend unnecessary money. The great news is that some of the textbooks you can download online.

6 Easy Steps To Download Textbook For Free

Follow these steps and you will be ready to study in no time.

  1. Go to the Unisa website
  2. Click on Library
  3. Scroll down and click on Find e-reserves and Recommended books. You will go to another page – http://oasis.unisa.ac.za/search/r
  4. Enter your course code and click on Submit.
  5. Click on the title of the correct book.
  6. Log in with your student number and myUnisa password. Follow further instructions to download your textbook

4 Friendly Websites To Buy Unisa Textbooks From


Notes are very helpful when it comes to studying. It’s not mandatory for you to have them, but it will definitely make your studying easier.

Top 5 Most Popular Websites To Buy Study Notes From

Different Types of Unisa Study Material 

Unisa Textbooks and Notes
Together We Pass – Unisa Textbooks and Notes

Unisa offers different types of study material to make learning/studying easier. 

Unisa Study Guides

The study guides assist you on how to study your modules.

Summary Packs

Summary packs give you all of the information that you need to prepare for your exam.

Old Exam Papers and Answers

Old exam papers help you understand how your exams will look like and which questions to expect. It is a perfect way to test yourself and to improve your marks on your own time before the exams.

Tutorial Classes

Here you can interact with other students and discuss difficult topics. You can view the module in a different manner in these classes. These classes are usually facilitated by tutors.


A thesis is just another resource for you to make use of. The make studying and understanding the work much easier.

Unisa Workshops and Help from Tutors

Workshops are usually planned and come at a cost. They host workshops over a few days and you need to book your space to attend the workshop.

Contact your closest Unisa centre to find out more about study skills workshops that will be offered. You can also download the Note making workshop presentation for guidance.

Unisa Study Groups

Unisa Textbooks and Notes
Together We Pass – Unisa Textbooks and Notes

Join or form a study group to share thoughts and opinions about the work. To form part or to create a study group, visit one of these sites and add the Unisa study group:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter

More Information

Get more information about Unisa Study Groups and Unisa notes.

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