The Official 2022 May/June NSC & SC Exam Timetable Has Been Confirmed

The Department of Basic Education has released the official timetable for the May/June NSC and SC exams in 2022.

The exams will start on Monday 9th of May 2022 and End on Friday 23rd of June.

These exams serve as the official timetable for those writing their Senior Certificate (SC) exams and supplementary/rewrite exams for those who wrote in 2021 and were not satisfied with their results, or missed examinations for a valid reason. 


  • Rules in the exam venue 
  • Valid reasons for missing an exam 
  • What happens if someone cheats in the exam
  • Who this exam session is for

Rules In The Exam Venue 


There are many rules put in place for writing the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Senior Certificate (SC) exams. These rules are in place to help prevent cheating and any other fraudulent activity in the exam. The rules are:


  • No student may leave the exam venue within the first hour of an exam
  • Students will only be permitted to leave the venue in the event of an emergency, but they must be supervised 
  • Any questions a student may have must be directed to an invigilator, there may be no communication between students 
  • Students may not purposefully cause disturbance or behave inappropriately 
  • Students may not bring books, notes, photographs, or any other items that may help them to answer any questions during the exam, as this counts as cheating 
  • Only approved calculators may be used, and they may only be used when prescribed
  • If a student is presented with a set of questions to choose from and is asked to give a certain number of answers, but they give more, only the first of the number of answers asked for will be marked. For example, if there are five questions and the student is asked to answer two, but the student answers all five, only the first two will be marked
  • Students must be given a 10 minute reading period before the start of the exam to read through the question paper. No note-taking or writing may happen during these 10 minutes 
  • Examiners, internal moderators, and invigilators must disclose when any immediate family (siblings or children) are writing the exams. They must be relieved of their duties during the exam sessions that these family members are writing 


Valid Reasons For Missing An Exam 


There are certain reasons that are accepted for a student to miss an exam, but proof of this must be provided by the student so that it may be submitted to the Department of Basic Education. Such reasons are: 


  • Illness – student must provide doctor’s note 
  • Personal reasons, such as a death in the family – a letter must be submitted 
  • Representing the country or province internationally in a sporting or cultural event 
  • Any other reason that is deemed valid by the head of the assessment body or by his/her representative

What Happens If Someone Cheats In The Exam?

If someone is caught cheating in an NSC exam, they will immediately be removed from the exam venue. They may be barred from writing a minimum of one and a maximum of three subsequent exams, excluding supplementary exams. The number of barred exams will depend on the severity of the offence.


If there is evidence of any other students being complicit, they may face similar penalties. In certain scenarios, such as when a false identity has been presented, the South African Police Service (SAPS) may also be contacted. 

What Counts As Cheating?

Cheating can take many forms, and are defined within the following:


  • Possession of unauthorised material, such as books or notes 
  • Possession of an unauthorised electronic device, such as a specialised calculator or a cell phone
  • Copying or receiving help from another student 
  • Receiving unauthorised help from invigilators (such as giving you the answers or hinting the answers)
  • Presenting false identification

Who Is This Exam Session For?

The May/June 2022 NSC exam session is for the Senior Certificate Class of 2022, as well as any candidates under the age of 21 who wrote in 2021 or earlier who were not satisfied with their results. 

Be Prepared

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  • Can you write Matric in June? 
  • Will I get a Matric Certificate even if I fail?
  • What is a distinction in South Africa? 
  • What do I need to pass Matric? 

Can You Write Matric In June? 

The May/June exam session is for the class of that year, as well as those who wrote in previous years who are doing the rewrite. You cannot do your Final exams in June, these can only be done in the November exam session. 

Will I Get A Matric Certificate Even If I Fail?

Yes, you will receive your certificate. On it will be your final results and information disclosing your pass level. 

What Is A Distinction In South Africa? 

A distinction in South Africa is 80% or above. 

What Do I Need To Pass Matric?

To pass Matric, you will need a minimum average of 33.3%, and the following requirements: 

  • 40% or above for a Home Language Subject
  • 40% or above for Mathematics, OR 50% or above for Mathematical Literacy 
  • 40% or above for one other subject 
  • 30% or above for Life Orientation
  • 30% or above for two other subjects

You may fail one subject except for Life Orientation, provided you achieve a minimum of 20% in the final exam for that subject.


Read more about how to calculate your APS here.

Author: Chloe Bydawell 
Date Published: March, 10, 2022

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