5 Ways To Get Employed

  • You have to stay motivated when looking for a job, remember to never give up.
  • Get a job with no experience through hard work and dedication.
  • Use all of your resources to find employment in your area.
  • Formal training could land you your dream job.
  • Matric College is a distance learning institution that offers a variety of courses that can help you get employed.

The five ways to get employed are as follows:

  1. Actively look for employment.
  2. Update your CV.
  3. Formal training.
  4. Know your interests.
  5. Never quit.

1. Actively Look For Employment

Actively look for employment. Wake up early and look presentable. If you positively present yourself, you will feel positive about your employment search.

Also, have your space neat. A chaotic workstation may make you feel overwhelmed and hinder your progress in finding employment.

2. Update Your CV

Remodel your CV and cover letter. Remember to be truthful about yourself, be creative and specific. 

Try highlighting your skill-set at the top of your CV and include it in your cover letter, to let hiring managers know more about your skill-set. 

Do Not Spam Your CV

The amount of CVs you send does not ensure that you will get the job, especially if you are sending the same one to different roles. 

Tailor your CV for each job application.  Add skills relevant to the job application.

3. Formal Training

Studying can add to the skills you have already acquired and boost your chances of finding the right job. 

Employers do not only look at your education level, but it does work to your advantage. It could be that one factor that makes you stand out from the rest. 

Distance learning is a great option because you can work and study. Once you find employment you can continue with your studies. 

Matric College offers a range of courses you can choose from.

4. Know Your Interests

Do not apply for jobs that will end up making you miserable down the road. 

Take time to sit down and think about what it is that excites you and where your true passion lies.

When launching your career, being specific about your career goals can accelerate your chances of finding a job that you enjoy. 

5. Never Quit

Finding a job can be difficult and a tiring process, but remember that you will find a job. This happens sooner than for others.

It all has to do with the timing and has nothing to do with you as a person. While searching for a job, you can educate yourself. 

This will make you more employable. You do not necessarily have to complete a formal qualification, but can use simple tools used to gain more skills. 

ways to get employed

These easy skills will boost your chances of getting hired and you can teach them to yourself. 

  • Improve your typing speed.
  • Improve your writing.
  • Practice your excel skills.
  • Learn how to file documents.
  • Practice interview questions.

How To Get A Job With No Experience?

You do not have any experience but you are looking for a job? Here are ways to find employment without experience:

Focus On What You Have

Experience is important in finding employment but other factors are also important. 

These factors include your ideas for the future, how motivated you are, your knowledge of the company you are applying for, your work ethic, your resilience as well as your personality. 

The way your personality is in an interview or the way it shines through your CV may be the one factor that helps you find employment.

Check If You Have Any Experience

Make sure that you do not have any experience before telling yourself that you do not have any experience. Think outside the box. 

Try to reflect on past jobs such as the time you looked after your neighbours children, this is considered as child care or babysitting experience. 

Or the time when you handed out pamphlets to the community, this is marketing. The key thing to remember is if it is relevant.

Create Experience

If you are keen on gaining experience, then do some voluntary work. Most voluntary work involves work you do not receive payment for.

This is a sacrifice you will need to make to gain the needed experience. Only do this form of work if you like community work. 

Remember that this can be rewarding as you are giving back to the community.

You can also apply for internships, learnerships, or start projects such as selling your artwork.

How Do I Find Jobs In My Area?

This is a question many people ask when looking for employment. Here are ways you can find employment in your area:

  • Job search engines.
  • Local job sites.
  • Community boards.
  • Career fairs.
  • Networking.

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