Adult Matric at Bellview

Those who did not have the option or opportunity to get their matric certificate can still do so. You can get your matric certificate by doing an Adult Matric course that presents itself in the same way as a Standard Matric certificate.

Entry Requirements For Adult Matric

If you are looking to start an Adult Matric course, you will need to meet the following requirements:


  • Have an incomplete matric result
  • Have a grade 9 or a grade 9 equivalent certificate
  • Be 21 or older when writing your final matric examinations

You can start the Adult Matric course before the age of 21. You must, however, be 21 or older by the time that your final examinations take place.


Comparing Adult Matric And School Matric

When comparing the Adult Matric certificate to a Traditional Matric certificate, there are no differences. Both certificates are awarded by Umalusi and are on an NQF level 4.


Adult Matric does not involve any face-to-face classes. It can be completed from any place you feel comfortable with. 


The preparation for assignments and examinations can also be completed in your own time. 


Contents Of The Adult Matric Course

Adult Matric consists of similar content that is covered in the Traditional Matric course. This includes the material from grade 10 to grade 12 (high school’s Further Education and Training phase). However, there is no classwork during the Adult Matric – it simply consists of assignments and the final examination.


This amounts to 3 years of coursework. You can complete the course in 36 months, covering the work of each separate grade per year. You also have the option to complete your studies within 12 or 24 months depending on your study pace.


Subjects In Adult Matric

Here are the Adult Matric subjects Bellview has to offer: 


  • Home Language: English Home Language or Afrikaans Huistaal
  • First Additional Language: Afrikaans First Additional Language or English First Additional Language
  • Mathematics or Mathematics Literacy
  • Business, Commerce and Management Studies
  • Life Science
  • Accounting
  • Geography
  • Physical Science
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • History
  • Human and Social Science

You need to choose three compulsory subjects and three or four elective subjects for your Adult Matric course. 


Even if you have previously chosen subjects in past school years, you can pick a completely different combination of subjects that suit your chosen career field best.

Adult Matric Through Bellview Institute of Distance Learning 

You can study Adult Matric through Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. Bellview provides students with multiple support systems throughout their studies.


You can also look into all of the accredited post-matric courses that Bellview has to offer if you want to continue your studies after matric.


Bellview Institute Of Distance Learning – Accreditation

Here are the course accreditation details:


  • SAQA ID number – 49647
  • Qualification Title: National Senior Certificate 
  • Qualification Type: Further Education and Training Certificate
  • Programme type – National Qualification
  • Award type – Senior Certificate
  • Originator: Generic 
  • Course Credits: 130

The Amended Senior Certificate (Adult Matric) is offered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). The Adult Matric course does not require any accreditation process.


Once you have written your final matric examinations, your paper will be marked at the DBE. The certificate is then marked and will be accredited by Umalusi.


TVET and FET Private Colleges have been required to register by the Department of Higher Education and Training August 2016 up until February 2020 by the Joint Communique 1 of 2016.


As the Director-General of Higher Education, Mr. Qonde, published that the previous requirements of the Joint Communique 1 have been revoked on 7 February 2020. This now states that Private Colleges no longer need to register with the DHET.


Colleges that have been successfully accredited by the DHET when the registration process was still required still retain this accreditation until the expiry date (this is usually three to five years after the accreditation has been issued). This accreditation cannot be renewed.


 The correct accreditation process as stated in the Government Gazette on 7 February 2020 is for private colleges to get accredited by the QCTO. They will then receive an exam number for the DHET’s exam division.


In order to do so, the college will have to meet the DHET Exams Division’s registration requirements and will need to undergo a site visit from the division. If the college passes this, it will obtain a confirmation letter stating that it has been officially accredited and that it has an official exam number.


If you are looking for other alternative options to getting your matric certificate, Bellview explains other options.


Bellview’s Subject Selection

If you choose to complete your Adult Matric course with Bellview, you will have a wide selection of subjects to choose from.


Compulsory Subjects

The compulsory subjects for the Adult Matric course include a Home Language, First Additional Language as well as a Mathematics option. You can choose from this selection:


Additional Subjects

You will also have to choose three or four additional subjects for the Adult Matric course. Here is the range of subjects offered by Bellview:


Author: Karla Nortier
Editor: Megan Dreyer
Date Published: November 17, 2021

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