Adult Matric

Adult Matric, known as Senior Certificate (Amended) is an opportunity available to those over the age of 21 who did not get to complete their high school education and would like to get their Matric. 

After completing your Adult Matric, you will receive your Senior Certificate (Amended). This works exactly the same way as a National Senior Certificate, which is the certificate given to those who complete and pass their Matric year in school. 

Where Can I Do My Matric As An Adult?

You can choose to study through a reputable distance learning college, or you can study Matric through TVET college. 

How Long Does Adult Matric Take?

Adult Matric takes a minimum of one year to complete. It is also possible to take up to three years to complete your Adult Matric

Can I Do Matric 3 Months Online?

No, you cannot do your Matric online in three months. Your Matric will take a minimum of 12 months to complete, and can take longer. 

However, if you failed Matric and want to do a Matric Rewrite, you can register for your exams in January/February and write the exams in May/June. 

Can I Write My Matric At Home?

No, you cannot write your Matric at home. You can study for your Matric from home, but you must write the exams in a government-designated venue. 

How Can I Register For Matric Online?

This depends on where you want to study for your Matric online. Some reputable distance learning colleges that offer Adult Matric programmes are:


How Much Does It Cost To Write Matric?

It is free to register with the Department of Education to write your Adult Matric exams. 


You will pay the fees for the school or college where you study for your Adult Matric. These fees cover your tuition and study materials. 

Can I Write My Matric At UNISA?

No, you cannot write your Matric at UNISA. UNISA is a university and only offers tertiary education courses. Universities do not offer Matric courses. You can study for your Matric through a TVET college or a distance learning college. 

Can I Do Matric At TVET College?

Yes, you can do your Matric at a TVET college. You will study for your TVC (Technical Vocation Certificate), also known as National Certificate (Vocational), qualification levels 2, 3, and 4. These are equivalent to Grades 10, 11, and 12.

What Are The Minimum Requirements To Pass Matric?

The minimum requirements to pass your Adult Matric are as follows: 


  • 40% or above in your Home Language subject
  • 40% or above in two other subjects 
  • 30% or above in two other subjects 
  • You may fail the sixth subject as long as you achieve a minimum of 20% in the final exam 

Can I Pass Matric With 5 Subjects?

Yes, you can pass your Adult Matric with five subjects. Note that you must achieve a minimum of 20% in the final exam for the subject you failed. 


You cannot pass school Matric with five subjects, you must pass at least six to pass school Matric. 

How Many Subjects Can You Fail To Pass Matric?

You may fail one subject except for your Home Language and still pass your Matric. If you fail your Home Language subject, you can rewrite the exams in the second national exam sitting. 

Can I Get My Matric Results If I Failed?

Yes, you will still get your Matric results even if you failed your Adult Matric. You will receive a certificate with your subject information and a statement that you have not passed.

What Can I Do After Failing Matric?

You have options if you did not pass your Matric. You can:


  • Get your exam remarked or rechecked for a fee
  • View your marked exam for a fee
  • Rewrite your Matric
  • Study without Matric

Apply For A Remark Or Recheck

If you believe a mistake may have been made in the process of marking or calculating your result, you may apply for a recheck. The current price is R25, however, this is subject to change. 


If you would like your paper to be remarked, you can apply for a remark. The fee for a remark is R104. this price is also subject to change. 

View Your Paper

The option to view your paper is only available if you have signed up for a recheck or remark. You will be allowed to view your paper ten days after you have received the results of the recheck or remark. The fee to view your paper is R200. this price is subject to change each year. 

Rewrite Your Matric

You may also rewrite your exams at any time. Registering with the Department of Education to rewrite your exams is free. 


However, studying for your rewrite will not be free. You will need to attend a college to study for your rewrite. You will pay the college fees, which will cover your tuition and study materials.

Can I Rewrite My Matric After 5 Years?

Yes, you can rewrite your Matric up to five years after you have written your final exams. After this, you can do a Matric Upgrade. 

Study Without Matric

There are study options available if you have failed Matric. There are two types of courses you can study without Matric: 


  • ICB courses 
  • Short courses

ICB Courses

There are two ICB courses you can choose to study without Matric:


  • Business Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Office Administration


To study Business Management, you only need Grade 11 to be able to apply. To study Financial Accounting, you only need Grade 10 to be able to apply. The ICB course in Office Administration requires Matric or Matric Equivalent to apply. 


This means you can study one of the ICB Matric Equivalent Certificates, and use that to apply for the ICB Office Administration course. The first level of the Business Management course is a Matric Equivalent, and the second level of the Financial Accounting course is also a Matric Equivalent. 

Where Can I Study ICB Courses?

There are many places you can study ICB courses. Some reputable distance learning colleges that offer these ICB courses are: 


Short Courses

There are many short courses offered at four of the colleges listed above.

Short Courses At Matric College

Short Courses At Skills Academy

Short Courses At Ember Academy

Short Courses At Learning Group

Is It Possible To Buy Your Matric Certificate?

No, you cannot buy your Matric Certificate. 


Your certificate will be awarded to you by Umalusi through the Department of Education once you have completed your Matric. Umalusi has stated that participating in the buying and selling of Matric Certificates is a criminal offence. 


If you have lost or damaged your Matric Certificate, you can pay a fee for a replacement certificate. 

What Have We Learned?

  • Adult Matric takes a minimum of 12 months to complete
  • It is free to register with the Department of Education to write your Matric exams. Studying for your Matric is not free, you will pay college fees to cover your tuition and study materials at the institution where you study
  • You can study for your Matric online, but you must write your exams in a government-designated venue. You can study through a distance learning college or at a TVET college
  • You can fail one subject and still pass your Matric
  • If you fail Matric, you can get your paper remarked or rechecked for a fee. You can view your paper for a fee once it has been remarked or rechecked. You can also do a Matric Rewrite
  • There are many study opportunities available even if you failed Matric. You cannot buy your Matric Certificate
  • You can pay a fee for a replacement Matric Certificate if yours gets lost or damaged. 

Author: Chloe Bydawell

Editor: Razeen Dollie

Date: June 8, 2022

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