Are UNISA case studies giving you nightmares?

To many students, UNISA case studies are easy but in reality case studies are everyone’s nightmare. Whether you are doing an assignment or in an exam they will always haunt you. They are inevitable, so either you deal with them or they will deal with you. In as much as we don’t like them case studies play a pivotal part in the learning process. They are the bridging stone between our educational divide (theory) and industry.

Are you able to apply your theory to solve real world problems? That is the primary purpose of case studies.

What are UNISA case studies?

A case study is a scenario or a snapshot of real life events occurring in an organization or being experienced by an individual at a given stage and time.

How do you go about a case study in a given exam or assignment?

Well if you are doing Strategic Management (MNG3701) then you might have come across a case study based on Apple. I have taken one question from that case study.

The 1st and most important step is to read the case study carefully, 2-3 times if time permits. Whilst you are reading the case study, please highlight the most important points that you come across.


In answering the question, let us use the question above as an example. When tackling the question, identify the critical components that need to be addressed in the question. I this case we have:


  • Strategic approach
  • Emerging African Markets (Sub-Saharan Africa)

Please note that this is a 20-mark question therefore stating points will not give you a high and good mark.


You need to do a literature review of the above. What do different sources say about strategic approach, preferably different definitions from various authors, and the different approaches available. The next thing is to identify what approach is Apple using currently.  What is the situation in emerging African markets and how Apple’s strategic approach can capitalize on the market trends in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Secondly, the key aspect here is to link theory with real life examples. Whatever that you have read in your book or over the internet, can it be applied in this case? And how is it applicable? Do you see anything common or similarities between what you read and what is actually happening in the case study?  In this case what strategic approach do you think Apple should adopt and implement in order to get a foothold in Africa?


The last and important part of Unisa case studies is a conclusion. What is your opinion on the above case study and why do you say so. Conclusion is a summary or recap of the whole case study and a recommendation on the next step.


Definitions without practical examples are like a criminal case without proof or evidence, they lack substance. Start writing and thinking like a real and true academia, learn to stand and defend your point, don’t just state without reason.


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Written by Clifford.
Last Updated: 05 April 2022


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