Assignment Comparison

What is Assignment Comparison?

Assignment Comparison is the act of comparing ones answers with other students and discussing how you got there using your workings.

Why do we provide Assignment Comparison?

Assignment Comparison allows you

  • to have a better chance of working out the right answer
  • to find problem areas
  • to correct your problem areas
  • to achieve improved marks
  • to understand coursework
Our assignment comparison tool provides analysis of your answer in relation to other student's answers

How do we facilitate Assignment Comparison?

  • We provide a tool which prevents cheating by making everyone anonymous (cheat-free!)
  • Our tool provides analysis of your answer in relation to other student’s answers with
  • a breakdown in percentages of how many students agree with each answer (always take the number of submissions into account when using the tool)
  • It also allows you to discuss a question directly with your study group

How to Compare your assignment on Together We Pass?

Follow this tutorial in our FAQs to find out how to compare your assignment with other students in your Together We Pass online study group.

How to submit an assignment on after assignment comparison?

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