Can I Only Study ICB Part-time?

Are you considering studying an ICB course but you are not too sure of your options on how to study it? Do you think you can only study ICB part-time? You are in luck. The ICB courses were set out and designed to be presented in multiple ways. You are able to study the ICB courses full-time, part-time, or even via distance learning. It all depends on the ICB accredited training provider you choose to study through.

Studying ICB Full-time

Most students leaving school generally choose to study full-time. This is because they usually do not have jobs yet and just replace their time spent in school with studying. Studying full-time is also referred to as classroom studying. It is done at an institution such as a college or university. You sit in a class with other students and a lecturer presents the course in front of the class or lecture hall. You have the course physically presented to you and you are able to interact with other people and ask questions on the spot.

Studying Part-time

Part-time studying is a good alternative for students that still want to sit in a classroom environment, but also have a day job. With part-time studies you have your day time free but have classes in either at night or on weekends. You usually have less contact time and only meet on predetermined times. The advantage is that you are between other students and also have the perk of asking a lecturer a question as the problem arises.

Studying via Distance Learning

Distance learning is becoming a more and more popular study option. With this option you have the most freedom. You study from home or wherever you decide to. You also don’t have set times and classes of when you absolutely have to work and you are in charge of your own schedule. The downside is that you need a lot of self discipline and you are also not surrounded with students that may have the same issues than you or are in direct contact with a lecturer you can ask questions to. There are however training providers that give you extra support such as study groups and WhatsApp support groups with a lecturer in the group to answer questions at set times. Distance learning also offers you the ability to study at your own pace. If something happens today that make you unable to work on your studies, it is okay as you won’t fall behind on work. You just have to make time to put in the work.

Studying ICB courses provide you with multiple options. Whether you choose to study ICB part-time, full-time or through distance learning, you are able to complete your studies in a manner that suits you and your time. Register today and start working on your education and future.


Written by: Maretha Lubbe

Last updated: April 16, 2019