Choosing A Distance Learning College

  • Distance learning is a study option that does not include any classes. You study by yourself and at your own pace
  • Reasons, why you should study a distance learning course, include lower costs, the benefits of studying at home, and being able to work while studying
  • When you are choosing a distance learning college you need to compare the benefits of each college to see which one fits your needs the most

It is possible to study without a Matric Certificate. There are many distance learning colleges that offer courses that do not require Matric.

What Is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is a study option that does not have face-to-face classes. You can study by yourself and at your own pace. You will have to write the exams and it is advisable to make contact with tutors or assistants at your chosen college.

Why Should You Choose Distance Learning?

Distance learning is an excellent study option because it is cheaper and convenient. Some of the benefits include:


As a distance learner, you will not have to spend a lot of money on transportation or accommodation. 

Distance learning courses are not as expensive as other online learning courses or degrees. You will not have classes or be on campus, making it cost-effective. 

Work While Studying

If you need to work in order to earn an income, do not let that get in your way of studying. Distance learning allows you to work while you are studying, due to the flexibility of the study option. 

If you are focused and ready to achieve your goals, you can easily work and study at the same time.

Study From Home

Distance learning allows you to study from anywhere. This means that you can study from the comfort of your home, or if you need to be in another country, it would not affect your studies.

A Sense Of Responsibility

Working at your own pace and being held accountable for your own deadlines may give you a sense of responsibility. Being a responsible individual is an attribute that will get you far in your career.


How To Choose A Distance Learning College?

When you are choosing a distance learning college you need to compare the benefits of each college. 

Here is a list of some of the reputable colleges and their benefits:

Matric College

At Matric College you have the option of obtaining your matric certificate or furthering your studies. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended). Study Matric Online and you will be able to further your studies where colleges/universities require Matric.

Courses Offered At Matric College

No Matric? No problem! You can apply to do your Online Matric via distance learning at Matric College. The Matric Courses on offer are:

If you are looking to further your studies in the financial or business management field, the ICB courses are just what you are looking for. There are 3 study programmes offered to Matric College students and they are:

  • Financial Accounting
    • National Certificate in Junior Bookkeeping
    • FET Certificate in Senior Bookkeeping
    • National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting
    • National Diploma in Certified Financial Accounting
  • Business Management
    • Small Business Financial Management: ICB National Certificate
    • Business Management Office Administration: ICB Higher Certificate
    • Business Management Financial Accounting: ICB National Diploma
  • Office Administration
    • National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management
    • Higher Certificate in Office Administration
    • National Diploma in Financial Accounting


Matric College also offers NATED courses via distance learning. These NATED courses offer you fantastic opportunities if you want to advance your career prospects by giving you the chance of earning a National Diploma qualification in one of the following streams: 

  • Business Management Courses  
  • Educare Courses 
  • Financial Management Courses 
  • Human Resource Management Courses 
  • Legal Secretary Courses 
  • Management Assistant Courses 
  • Marketing Management Courses 


Matric College will courier your study material to you. 

They offer 24-hour assistance. 

You can Upgrade your Matric at Matric College.

You can get your Matric at Matric College

Skills Academy 

Skills Academy offers accredited courses that you can study without a Matric certificate. With Skills Academy’s success-driven courses you will be on your way to your dream career. 


They offer a great cash-back policy. If you complete your qualification earlier than the course duration, you will get refunded.

Most of the courses only require you to be able to read and write in English, as well as have a grade 10 certificate.

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning

The Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is a QCTO accredited college that has a variety of courses to choose from.


They aim to get their students ready for the workplace.

Bellview Institute delivers your study material with no hidden costs.

They offer 24-hour assistance.

Ember Academy

Ember Academy is a good option if you want to build your career. They help you get career-ready by offering accessible assistance and online study groups. 

At Ember Academy, you will gain practical experience in the workplace.

They offer support until you pass.

They provide you with online study groups.

The Learning Group

If you are a creative person, The Learning Group is a good option to choose. They offer courses such as makeup, skincare, photography, and many more. 


They offer step-by-step support.

They have a 30-day payback plan.

The Décor School

The Décore School is also a great choice for creative individuals. They have courses such as interior design and interior decoration. 


You will receive hands-on learning and career guidance. 

They offer a large variety of top-class design courses.

Last Updated: 15 December 2021

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