Choosing Grade 10 subjects

  • Choosing grade 10 subjects can determine your future career
  • Some tertiary courses require you to have specific subjects in school
  • Consider your abilities to achieve the pass level you need to study further
  • It is important to keep your career options open by choosing a wide variety of subjects
  • Keep in mind that the work industry is changing. Careers like digital marketing are expanding
  • Make sure to choose subjects that can teach you scarce skills
  • You can visit the SAQA website for career advice or complete a career test to help you with your choices

Choosing the right subjects in grade 10 is very important because it is the first step towards your future career.

Here is everything you need to know about choosing your grade 10 subjects:

  • Why is choosing the right grade 10 subjects important?
  • How to choose the right subjects?
  • Where to ask for advice?

Why Is Choosing The Right Grade 10 Subjects Important?

The subjects you choose in grade 10 will determine which tertiary qualification you will be able to pursue and what career path you can follow. With Matric College you can study accredited ICB courses to help build your future.

Here is why your grade 10 subject choices are important:

Subject Specific Tertiary Education

Some tertiary courses have subject-specific entry requirements. For example, if you want to study medicine you will have to choose mathematics and physical science in grade 10.

Pass Levels

The other important factor to consider is the grade 12 pass levels. After receiving your Matric results you will also receive information about which pass level you obtained. 

The pass levels are designed to indicate on what level you passed. For example, if you passed on the Higher Certificate Level, it means you can study towards a higher certificate.

It is important to consider the pass levels because you need to be realistic about what your abilities are. If you want to go to university you need to choose subjects that you know you will be able to achieve high enough marks to qualify for university.

Do not choose difficult subjects just because everyone else does. Be clever and only choose subjects that you need for your future.

Keeping Your Options Open

It is not an easy task to choose subjects at the end of grade 9 that can determine your entire career. The best thing to do is to keep your career options open.

The choice of grade 10 subjects is important, because the wider your variety of subjects, the more options you have after Matric.

Grade 10 subjects

How To Choose The Right Subjects?

Considering the reasons why grade 10 subjects are so important, here is a guideline to help you choose the right subjects:

What Career Do I Want To Pursue?

Explore the different career paths by doing shadow work or searching the web for a list of careers. Then, find out if there are specific subjects needed to qualify for your chosen career.

What Are My Abilities?

Consider the marks you currently achieve and ask yourself if you can get decent marks for the subjects you want to choose. 

You can either avoid the stress of taking a difficult subject, or you can get help by attending extra classes. Remember, there is no shame in avoiding unnecessary stress. There are many careers you can go into without burning yourself out in school.

Considering My Personality

It is important to think about what career, as well as which subjects, you want to take on and how they match your personality.

For example, if you have an extroverted personality and enjoy being in the spotlight, you might want to consider drama. 

How Is The Work Industry Changing?

You might not think about the work industry in grade 9, but it is crucial that you keep it in mind. After the worldwide pandemic, new careers have emerged and some existing career paths are expanding. 

To find employment, you need to stay updated on what skills will be necessary for the future. For example, the digital world is growing rapidly, therefore digital marketing is an excellent choice.

What Are Scarce Skills?

Scarce skills are skill sets that are in demand. These skills are preferred by employers because few people have them. Scarce skill jobs are also highly paid and ensure job security.

Make sure to think about which scarce skills you will be able to gain in specific subjects.

Where To Ask For Advice?

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) along with the Departments of Higher Education and Training and Basic Education launched the NQF and Career Advice Service.

Their website offers career advice and guidance materials. Here is how you can contact them:

You can also take a career quiz to help you find careers that can suit you.

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