Do Universities Accept Upgraded Marks?

Yes, universities do accept upgraded Matric marks. Upgraded marks work the same way as Matric marks, and you can use your upgraded marks for anything you would use your Matric marks for.

How Do Upgraded Marks Work?

Upgraded marks work the same as your Matric marks. Once you have combined your results, your new certificate works exactly the same way as a Matric Certificate.

How Do I Combine My Results?

Once you have upgraded your Matric marks, you will apply to the Department of Education for a Replacement Certificate: Change of Status. This will combine your best marks into one certificate, which you will then use to apply to universities. 


To apply for this certificate, you will need the following documents: 


  • Your ID 
  • A certified copy of your ID 
  • Your results from all exam sittings (Matric and Matric Upgrade included)

Can I Buy My Matric Certificate? 

No, you cannot buy your Matric Certificate. A Matric Certificate can only be provided by Umalusi through the Department of Education. Umalusi has stated that participating in any way in the buying and selling of Matric Certificates is a criminal offence.

Can I Combine My Results Even If I Failed?

No, you cannot combine your results if you fail the Matric Upgrade. Applying for and receiving a combined certificate is a lengthy process, and so is only available if you pass and do better in the Matric Upgrade than you did in Matric.

What Is A Matric Upgrade?

A Matric Upgrade is one of the options available to anyone over the age of 21 who would like to improve their Matric results. Whether you simply want to increase your APS, or if you failed and would like to improve your marks to a pass, Matric Upgrade can help you. 

You can apply to upgrade your Matric as early as 19, but you must be over the age of 21 to write the exams, as you will write the Adult Matric exams. You can upgrade as many subjects as you would like, and you may choose to change any or all of your subjects if you prefer. 

To apply for a Matric Upgrade, you will need: 

  • A copy of your Statement of Results
  • A certified copy of your ID

What Is The Difference Between Matric Upgrade And Matric Rewrite?

The main difference is the age you will be when you write the exams. 

For a Matric rewrite, you must be under the age of 21. You may only rewrite two subjects. These must be subjects you wrote in your Matric final exams, you cannot change your subjects for a rewrite. 

For a Matric Upgrade, you must be over the age of 21. You may upgrade as many subjects as you choose, and you may choose to change any or all of your elective subjects. You must be over the age of 21 because you will write the Adult Matric exams.


Where Can I Study For A Matric Upgrade?

There are many reputable distance learning colleges that provide this course. Some of these colleges are: 

Why Should I Choose Distance Learning? 

Distance learning has many advantages, such as being able to study from the comfort of your own home. You can also keep your study hours flexible, so you can work to earn an income while you are studying.


How Can I Make Sure I Pass Better This Time Around? 

One way to make sure you stay motivated and on track with your studies is to join a study group. Study groups have proven to have many benefits, such as improved course engagement, a better understanding of the coursework, and improved marks. 

At Together We Pass, we also offer a wide range of study resources, such as study notes compiled by our course tutors, and exam packs with many past papers for you to study and practise with.

Can I Apply To University While Upgrading?

Yes, many universities will allow you to begin your studies while you are upgrading your Matric marks. Most will allow you to begin the lower qualification and allow you to transfer once you have upgraded your marks if your upgraded marks meet the requirements. 


For example, the university will allow you to study for a Diploma while you are upgrading your marks. Once you have upgraded them, if you meet the requirements you will be allowed to transfer to a Bachelor’s Degree course. 


A few universities will even allow you to begin your studies at the level you would like to while you upgrade your marks.

Which Marks Do Universities Look At?

Universities look at your Matric marks, and sometimes at your Grade 11 marks. You can choose to apply early to a university using your Grade 11 marks before your Matric marks have been released. Universities can use your Grade 11 marks to decide to grant you provisional entry. 


Once you have been given provisional entry, you will submit your Matric marks as soon as they are released. The university will then use your Matric marks to make a final decision on whether or not to grant admission.


If you have upgraded your Matric, you will submit your combined certificate with your upgraded marks. The university will use this the same way they would use a Matric Certificate to decide whether to not to grant admission.

Author: Chloe Bydawell
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: April 11, 2022

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