Don’t stop preparing for your UNISA exams

UNISA exams are stressful

There is so much to cover in a term, and you never worked as consistently as you wanted you for the whole term.  Your job, family life, and just, well… LIFE in general gets in the way and you end up doing so much less than you really needed to do.UNISA-exams

So in the run up to exams you are finding any exams to stop the cramming.  Cleaning out the back of stove seems more fun than putting in one more hour on those books.

And then you start to read news articles and Facebook posts on how FeesMustFall seems to be getting ready to hit UNISA in a big way.

Don’t let this be that perfect excuse to not hit the books

Even if you believe in and are taking part in the protests don’t let your ideology get in the way of your personal future.

These exams are what you have been working towards all term.  Possibly for years. Don’t get distracted, or use the easy excuse.  Be properly prepared for that exam and GET THAT DEGREE!

What is the latest with UNISA and FeesMustFall?

It is looking likely that students will not accept a fee increase, and if UNISA does not engage with this there will be further disruptions and protests. I wrote about these FeesMustFall promises to bring UNISA to a stop on News 24.  Follow the link to read more on the topic, along with advice on what to do if you do miss your exam due to protests.

Please study hard.  Now is the time to knuckle down and just get your studies done.

First Published: 5 October 2016
Last Updated: 3 October 2022

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