“Now What? A Guide to Studying with UNISA” – Download Your Free Copy

What to expect from this guide:

In this free guide, you will be given advice on distance learning, studying both alone and with friends, planning ahead, keeping up your motivation, handling your finances, and the tricky art of surviving a UNISA degree. 

PLUS: Enjoy an index of contacts for UNISA, to help you navigate your way through the different departments that you may need help from. A very useful addition to any UNISA student’s life. 

Make sure you get a head-start with your studies by downloading your copy today. 

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About the Authors: 

This book was compiled by Together We Pass, and Paperight. 


Together We Pass: 

Together We Pass is an online social learning service for UNISA students. We have been supporting students since 2008, and we doubled the number of students that we helped in 2012, with our students achieving some of the top results at UNISA.  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TogetherWePass

Twitter: @togetherwepass


What Unisa Students have to say about “A Guide To Studying With UNISA”:

“Wow, you really spent a lot of time and effort on this book. I really enjoyed it and actually found some extra tips in it. I am going to make my studies even a bigger success. I think this book will be very helpful for current students as well as upcoming students. I will most definitely recommend this book to fellow students.”

– Venecia Buys


“Finally got a chance to read through your book properly last night and it is very good!!  Love the simple, chatty feel to the whole thing (one student to another) and also all the practical advice.”

– Terri  Ferguson


“I think the book is wonderful. You have done a sterling job. Very useful information. ”

– Tamlyn Springer


“Your book is very inspirational, easy to understand, and a good guide to read being a distance student.”

– Nancy Egumbo


“I read the draft and I loved it… I really wish I had something like this when I started out at UNISA.”

– Chantel Sirakis

Author: Chloe Bydawell 
Editor: Chloe Bydawell 
Date Published: February, 9, 2022

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