What to expect from EUP1501

The EUP1501 module is an online module. This means that all the information you need will be on the MyUnisa site.


Where do you start?

On the MyUnisa site you will find two tabs for EUP1501. One is the main site, EUP1501-Sx-xx, and the second one is your group site EUP1501-Sx-xxxT.


Main Site

In the main site you will find most of the information you need for the module but you will not be able to post any assignments or post discussions on this site. Prof Goosen (the module leader) will post announcements on this site.


Group Site

The group site is where you will post your answer to questions, communicate with other students and communicate with your Teaching Assistant.


Read your tutorial letter

After reading the tutorial letter you need to read all the information on the “Home” page of your group site.



The next step would be to check your “Discussions” on your group site. Here your Teaching Assistant will communicate with you and give you extra help and guidance. You can also ask your Teaching Assistant questions here.


Learning Units

This is your “Textbook”. The Learning Units will take you through the module step by step.

What about the assignments and exams for the EUP1501 module?


You will have 9 assignments in this module. It is a lot of work and you will submit assignments almost weekly, but if you plan ahead this is manageable.


Assignments 1,3,5 and 8 are “Discussion Forum” assignments.

By this I mean that you will be posting your answers for these assignments on the discussion forum and it will be graded there (Instructions for assignments can be found in the Learning Units on your EUP1501 group sites).


Assignment 2,4,6 and 7 are practical assignments

These must be completed on a separate site, ITLab. Okay, now it might seem confusing, but it really isn’t. Stay calm, read all the info and be patient. In the Learning Units you will find instructions on how to connect to ITLab. You will receive an e-mail (on your myLife e-mail address) or a sms that will inform you that you are registered for ITLab and will include your username and password to log in.


Assignment 9 is a Blog that you will complete on your group site.



Exam? There is no exam for the EUP1501 module. Jipee! Do not get too excited yet. You need to submit a Portfolio instead of writing an exam.

In summary:

    1. Register
    2. Study your Tutorial Letter
    3. Log on to MyUnisa
    4. Work through your main EUP1501 site (EUP1501-SX-XX). Look at Home page and Announcements
    5. Work through your group site EUP1501-Sx-xxxT.
    6. Look at Discussions on EUP1501-Sx-xxxT.
    7. Work through your Learning Units.
    8. Wait for your ITLab activation message
    9. Remember that you are assigned a Teaching Assistant to support you in this module. Ask them for help by using Discussion Forums.

Written by Tabitha Bailey

Last Updated: 05 April 2022

29 thoughts on “What to expect from EUP1501”

  1. Im confused, assignment 1 it says you must read about the role of international development framework and organisation on page 46 to 48. i cant see these page neither the chapter they talking about

    1. Good day

      Thank you for your comment.

      Unfortunately we do not assist with portfolios.

      The Together We Pass Team.

    1. Hie Maria

      Thank you for your comment, unfortunately we are not able to assist with your query as we are not affiliated with UNISA , we only offer online study groups and resources like exam packs and study notes.However we would advise you to contact UNISA directly or visit your nearest UNISA branch for more information.

      Together We Pass

    1. If it’s part of your curriculum, then you should be able to do the EUP1501 module. If not, you can still take the module as a NDP (non-degree purpose) module.

  2. Hi Guys,

    I’m frustrated, I have been trying to login to MyItlab. I have never been provided any login details and my assignment is due in a week. Any ideas?

    1. You should head to your nearest UNISA campus and enquire about this to a student advisor/administrator. That’s the only possible solution at the moment.

  3. Hey Guys… Where Can I Get a Prescribed Book For This Module EUP1501 And How Can I Get a Specific Group For This Module And Also Tutors If Possible.

    1. There is no prescribed textbook for EUP1501. You will have to use the study guide provided to you by Unisa.

      As for a study group, we do have a free online study group for EUP1501 available for you. Click here for more information on the EUP1501.

  4. Phanuel Nthangeni

    I’m very confused about this module and tried several times to log in MyItLab so that I can see what to do,but honestly speaking it keeps on throwing me out…please help

  5. Moipone Jacqueline Nolo

    Hi, this is the 4th time doing eup. Please help me out I don’t want to fail again. Assignment I has started I really don’t understand the topic itself.

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