Final Exams For Matriculants Gets Postponed

The final exams for matriculants are postponed until further notice. This year’s local government elections are on the 1st of November 2021. This is on the same date as the first language paper for the final Matric exam.

Why Should The Exams Be Postponed?

The exams should be postponed for three reasons:

  1. The elections and the start of the final matric exam are on the same date
  2. Most of the schools are being used as voting stations 
  3. The teachers always assists at the voting stations
final exams postponed

Schools should adhere to COVID-19 rules. The Department of Basic Education and IEC will make sure that these areas are safe.

What Is The Basic Education Spokesperson Opinion?

The spokesperson suggests that they will have to move the final exams. Here is what he mentioned in a recent interview:

  1. The final grade 12 examinations had been scheduled to begin on November 1, with English being one of the subjects. Since it is the biggest paper in school, everyone in Matric MUST write it. 
  2. The exams must be put on hold until they can come up with another plan.

He further said that they will decide when the new date for the final exam will be. 

When Will The Final Matric Exams Start?

The decision has not be made yet BUT the are two options:

  1. That the final exams will on the original date of the elections which is the 27th of October 2021 OR
  2. The exams will be in the first week of December 2021

When Will The Final Decision Be Made?

On Friday afternoon, 10 September 2021 the Department of Basic Education and other parties will have meetings, and decide on a date for the final exam.

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