eBooks have been becoming more and more popular in the last few years. eBooks can be downloaded on phones or tablets, making them much easier to access, and far more convenient to take with you wherever you go. The excellent news for South African students is that there are free textbook downloads.


You can download your Unisa textbooks for free on many websites. One of them would be on the myUnisa website.


Free Textbook Downloads in South Africa

Free Textbook Downloads in South Africa
Together We Pass – Free Textbook Downloads in South Africa

There are many reasons why Unisa students download their books. One of the main reasons is that you can download your textbook for free, and use it immediately. 


You can have many textbooks on one device, so you do not have to leave your desk anymore to get a book, because you can view it on your phone. 


You also do not have to carry around several physical books, which can get very heavy, especially if you have many different lectures in one day. 


Another reason is that eBooks are money saving. They are often cheaper than printed books, and are also Eco-friendly.


Like most products, online textbooks have their advantages and disadvantages.




  • Storage – You can download many books onto your device, so all your books are always with you. 
  • Eco-friendly – You help save trees and natural habitats, in turn also saving wildlife.
  • Readability – You can change your text size and type on an ebook, making it easier and more comfortable to read.
  • Easy to travel with – You do not have to carry books anymore. You can access your books wherever you are, carrying just the weight of your device.



  • Page numbers – Only some ebooks have page numbers and pages, meaning it can be difficult to skip back and forth between chapters and sections when studying.
  • Life of an eBook – eBooks depend on the technology available. Your ebook can get outdated, and may no longer be readable by newer technologies.
  • Electronic device – Without the correct electronic device (phone, laptop, e-reader), you will not be able to read your book.
  • Battery life – The one thing these do depend on is power. So if you have an extended power outage due to load shedding or any other reason, you will not be able to access your books at all until the electricity is back and you can charge your device. 

Unisa Textbooks Free Download

Free Textbook Downloads in South Africa
Together We Pass – Free Textbook Downloads in South Africa

Some free textbooks can be downloaded on the myUnisa website. Before you can download them, you will need to register:


  • Go to the myUnisa website 
  • Click on Claim your Login 
  • Sign up with your valid UNISA student number and create your own password


Download Your Unisa Textbook

Once you are registered on the myUnisa website, you will need to have the book information (Title, author, and edition). Then you can download it:


  • Go to the Unisa website
  • Click on Library
  • Scroll down on the page and type in: PDF or eBook in the “Search the Library” box and search. All of the books will be listed. You can always search your book by name
  • If all of the information is correct, click on “Request It”
  • Log into the myUnisa website. Continue with the steps and then you will have your book in no time

You can also find 10 easy steps to download your ebook on the Together We Pass website. 


Where Can You Get Free Textbooks Downloads in South Africa?

Most UNISA textbooks are available to download. However, you might not find all of your textbooks on one website. You might find one book on Takealot.com and another on Van Schaik Bookstore.


Here is a list of booksellers who sell Unisa ebooks.


Register yourself on their websites when you want to download a book.


The Unisa Library Guides gives you another list of websites for free textbook download.


Textbook Download At A Price

Not every student wants to download their books for free. Some students would like to pay for their books.


The Unisa Official Booksellers list got you covered. The booksellers sell printed books and ebooks. They have their own way of downloading the books. If you need any help, you need to contact the website you are downloading from. For example, if you are buying an ebook from Takealot.com, then you have to contact them to assist you with the download.


Something to Remember

Always be certain that your device has anti-virus software. No matter how trusted a supplier may be, there is always a risk of downloading a virus with a book if the supplier has not yet seen that there is an issue with the book. 


If this happens, and your anti-virus software will not let you download or open the book, contact the supplier and let them know. They should be able to fix the problem, and provide you with a clean copy of the ebook. 

Some Other Websites to Check

If you have been unable to find your textbooks on any of those websites, here are a few more you can check for free textbook downloads:


Updated by: Chloe Bydawell

Last Updated: 18 February 2022


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