How to Cope while Waiting for Exam Results

Waiting for your results is the most nerve wracking thing to do after writing your exams! Below are a few tips that you can use on how to cope with waiting for exam results.

Even when you are unsure of your results you need to move forward, because if you don’t you will fall into the trap of discouragement. Perseverance will get you your degree and always remember sometimes our results aren’t what we want but if we pass we just have to strive to do better. For many of use we peak in the second semester getting higher marks. Remember the tortoise won the race not the Hare. By the grace of God I passed my final four papers. It took me a while but never look at your peers for motivation. My dear husband had these harsh but true words for me. While we can encourage each other only we can motivate ourselves to finish. So whether you’ve passed or failed, hold your head up high, because the only failure is giving up.

– Cathren Anna Piovesan