How To Get UNISA Admission in 2019

UNISA Admission

Applications for admission into UNISA are closed at the moment. If you want UNISA admission you will have to wait until April and May 2019. That is when admission applications open again. If you are absolutely set on studying in 2019 you can apply to Skills Academy.

Are the UNISA Application Dates Closed?

Yes. They are closed, but will open again next year. Registration for UNISA opens on the 3rd of January. You can check if your admission application was successful online. UNISA will contact you via the email you provided in the application. Check how to register online here.

UNISA Admission

The UNISA Prospectus

UNISA has not released a prospectus for the upcoming semester yet. You can have a look at all their courses in this article we wrote. You must register for the course you got admission for. If you do not UNISA can take away your admission status. If you are looking for your UNISA prescribed books, follow our link to find out more.

UNISA Applications Forms for Teaching

Some new education courses have been added, but still need to be registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). If it gets registered in time you can apply for an education degree. If it is not approved by the time UNISA registration opens it will be during the next admission period. This article shows how to apply for admission at UNISA.

UNISA Short Courses

UNISA also offers a list of short courses and other learning programs. You do not need UNISA admission for some of these short courses or learning programs. Doing one of the short courses while studying will help you build more skills in your field. It will also help you fit well into the world of work. Either as a boss or as an employee. The short courses and short learning programs offer skills even to professionals.