How to remain calm whilst registering for EUP1501

Last term the new subject EUP1501 was introduced, and is now a compulsory subject.  EUP1501 attracted more than 15000 students for the semester, and not unsurprisingly chaos ensued.  Now, UNISA registration can be painful at the best of times, but in this case Unisa lecturers were completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of students enrolled, leaving students unable to log on, do assignments and just plain panicking. There was also no information on what to expect, and as I believe everyone will be more relaxed if they know what is going to happen I am writing this blog as a step by step guide on how to remain calm as you get registered for EUP1501:

  1. Take a breath.  Calm down.  Your first assignment is only due 7 days after you get access to Myunisa and myITlab
  2. Now – how do you know you are registered?  You will get TWO emails. One announcing your group, and one with your myITlab login details.  Remember – this comes to your MYLIFE email account – so check it regularly or set up a forward to your usual email address
  3. So – now you can keep calm until you get those two emails – all good?

Now, the next think you need is contact details for your lecturers.

These are the associate Professors to contact with regards to your groups:

Name Email Address
Prof Helene Gelderblom [email protected]
Prof Leila Goosen [email protected]
Prof Maria Jakovljevic [email protected]
Prof Elmarie Kritzinger [email protected]
Prof Ernest Mnkandla [email protected]
Prof Isaac Osunmakinde [email protected]
Prof Keshnee Padayachee [email protected]
Prof Mc Donald van der Merwe [email protected]
Prof Etienne van der Poel [email protected]
Find More EUP1501 contacts here Find More My UNISA Contacts Here

Once you are signed up to EUP1501 I cannot stress highly enough how useful it is to be part of a study group to assist with your course.  Together We Pass offers a facilitated, online study group for this subject where you can get great support with the subject.  Join today and make EUP1501 a breeze this term.


Written by Tabitha Bailey

Helping Unisa Students with their Assignments

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2 thoughts on “How to remain calm whilst registering for EUP1501”

  1. Please also take note that you must have Office 2010 installed on your computer for this module. You will also be using internet explorere 8. Keep that in mind.

    1. Hi Antionette,

      Thanks for the info!
      Does it have to be Internet Explorer 8 or can you use any browser?
      Also can students use open source software like OpenOffice instead of Office 2010?

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