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Anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, unexplainable memory loss moments before you need to write an exam… These are all the symptoms being experienced by millions of students and learners all around the globe on a daily basis. But if you think this is the rule, think again. This should be the exception. At StudyTechniques® we are addressing the core problem: Students don’t know HOW to study, and more importantly, they are never TOLD how to study. So, what can we do to change that injustice? We will show you step-by-step how to study and how to study SMARTER. So let’s go and have a look at these processes.

The 3 Rules of NOTE-TAKING

  • Don’t Re-Write your Textbook,
  • Keep it Short but precise
  • Make it Fun.

It’s hard enough to page through hundreds of pages in your Textbook and not get confused, even depressed at the sheer volume of work. But what if there was a way to reduce the 100’s of pages to a mere fraction. What if there was a way to Extract only the relevant and important facts?

Luckily for you, there is light at the end of the tunnel… and no, it is not a train. This Study App will show you with the help of examples HOW to condense your textbook into a mere couple of pages encompassing only the most important and relevant facts. Okay, now what? Well, read on…

How to study smarter with the 3 rules of note taking

3 guidelines for keyword extraction helping you to study smarter

The 3 Guidelines for KEYWORD EXTRACTION

  • Choose something you will Remember
  • Keep it Colourful
  • Don’t use Abstract words

This section in the process is probably the most important. If you can’t remember your Keyword, or can’t make the Association with the full sentence, then you might as well skip to the next Exam question.

Keyword extraction is a vital part of Note taking and is the key to successful learning. Keywords encapsulate information and at a signal from the brain, release it.

Referring to the example on the left, it is clear that we generally choose the easiest word, but it should also be the word that captures the essence of the whole sentence

Generally speaking, choose keywords as follows:

  • Generally a Noun or a Verb
  • One word that explains the whole sentence
  • If you can’t form a mental picture, then you have the wrong Keyword


Next we need to take out keywords, create a visual representation/ picture for each, to enhance our chances of recalling the information. Associating your keyword is to take two visual images and link them together.

Association will provoke greater memory recall with much greater clarity. This method will allow you to recall information systematically, instead of wanting to remember all at once, and so causing confusion

From MENTAL picture to being Picasso:

  • Put the mental picture for every keyword on paper now
  • Use COLOUR, COLOUR and more COLOUR
  • Draw something you will Remember
  • At best try, the keyword and picture should correlate

Making association easier with our study smarter app

our app makes association easier by providing images and colour

Now the FUN part… forming your Storyline

Rules of Association:

  • Keep the storyline simple and short
  • Keep it flowing
  • Keep it relevant
  • It should be easy to recall after the first attempt

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