I need help to Apply to study at UNISA

If you need help applying at UNISA then we can help!

Apply to Study at UNISA

We have been helping UNISA students since 2008 so we have loads of information that can make sure you know

how to apply successfully.  

We are going to be posting a series of articles to help you figure out how to apply to study at UNISA.  

So keep an eye on this blog!


First of all you need to know when to apply


You need to understand that that if you want to study at UNISA you need to apply around 6 months before you plan to start studying.  


The Unisa Applications 2023 is from 14th of August until the 29th of September.  Follow the link I have put here to get detailed instructions on how to apply, as well as a the dates for the application period.


How do I apply at UNISA?


We have written a very easy to follow guide that you can either read online, or download.  Click here to read about how to apply at UNISA.


What happens after I apply?


Once you have applied you need to wait until December to find out if you have been accepted.  Do not get impatient as UNISA will not be able to hurry the

Apply to Study at UNISA

If you want to check up on your application you can follow these steps for an automatic response:  https://togetherwepass.co.za/unisa-application-status/.


What if I don’t want to wait to start studying?


With UNISA all you can do is wait.  


UNISA is a mega university supporting over 400,000 students.  You have to follow the very slow processes if you want to study now.  Applying to study with UNISA is a 6 month process.


However, there are some great alternatives if you want to start studying immediately


For anyone wanting a career in accounting you cannot do better than CIMA, the internationally accredited management accountant qualification.

Apply to Study at UNISA

So if you want to find out more about what alternatives there are to UNISA then you can read about CIMA here:  https://togetherwepass.co.za/study-cima/.


If you want to speak to an advisor about CIMA please call our sister company Skills Academy on the toll free number:  0800 39 00 27.

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