ICB Brochure 2017

When you are considering studying with the ICB it is vital that you get the ICB brochure 2017.  This is your number one place to get all the latest up to date information that you need to help you make the right choices in your studies.  So make sure you that you get your copy today.

What is the ICB brochure?

The ICB brochure is the prospectus that is produced by the ICB.  They update their prospectus every two years so you can be sure that the information contained is the latest information available.

This brochure will offer a variety of information and advice that will help you to decide what course to study, which college to study with and to understand how the the whole process works when you decide to study any of the 5 streams of courses with the ICB.  These streams are:

The ICB brochure 2017 will explain exactly how each course is put together, what subjects are included, what career you can follow if you study these courses.  It will also tell you the certification level of each of these courses, and the NQF level associated.

Information in the ICB Brochure

The ICB brochure gives allot of information on a variety of topics.  These topics include:

  • Information on how to study
  • How to choose what to study
  • What subjects are included in all the ICB courses
  • The qualification names and certifications
  • NQF levels of all the courses
  • What the ICB learning experience is all about
  • How to study even further
  • Information on the ICBA
  • FAQ and useful info

Where can I find the ICB Brochure 2017?

You can download the ICB brochure directly form our website.  The brochure is the first link at the top of our ICB downloads page: ICB Downloads.

icb brochure 2017

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Last updated: January 2, 2018

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