ICB Re-Assessments 2016

How does ICB Re-Assessments at the ICB work? Together We Pass has the answers here for you.

What happens if I fail my ICB exam?

Don’t panic if you do not pass first time, you can get a second chance. If you are assessed as ‘not yet competent’ in a subject (you did not pass it), you will have a chance to write one re-assessment, which is only a summative final exam with a pass mark of 60% (no PoE required – the exam counts fully towards your grade).

You must complete the re-assessment within 12 months of your original summative assessment date. We do recommend you write your re-assessments as soon as you can, as subject content does change. If you miss your re-assessment, or you are ‘not yet competent’ in it, you can’t redo it. You will need to re-enter for the subject and start it over by completing a new PoE.

What happens if I can’t make my ICB exam?

If you need to postpone your assessment before your assessment date, you will need to submit your application for postponement before the cut off date. If you are on time, you can postpone by paying the postponement fee. If you need to postpone your assessment because you’re ill on the day, you can apply for a free postponement (include a doctor’s certificate with your request), which may be issued at the ICB’s discretion. Assessment for subjects can be postponed once only.

Important: You may only request ONE postponement per assessment from the ICB. Your assessment will automatically be moved to the next scheduled assessment date.

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Last updated: October 24th 2016