How, What and Were questions about Unisa


UNISA is an Open-Distance e-Learning (ODeL) institution. This means that all learning is done through correspondence, and there are no face-to-face classes. 


All study material is made available online, or posted to you, and your textbooks and prescribed books are available to buy at many bookstores all over South Africa, or to borrow at UNISA libraries or online in the UNISA e-Resources. 

How Do You Know If Online Learning Is For You?

Online learning can be difficult, but you can check whether you are ready. UNISA has an online Readiness Tool that you can use once you have applied. This tool allows you to test if you are ready to study through distance learning at UNISA. 

How Do You Pass Distance Learning?

You can pass distance learning by following some easy study guidelines, and by joining Together We Pass. 


At Together We Pass, we understand the difficulties of studying alone, so we have a platform for online study groups where you can interact with fellow students about your coursework. 


We also have a variety of study notes and exam packs to help prepare you for classes and exams. Exam Packs consist of past UNISA exam papers and the memos, so you can see how questions may be structured, and how you should structure your answers. 

Is UNISA Open For 2023 Applications?

UNISA application dates for the 2023 academic year are as follows: 


How Much Is The Application Fee At UNISA?

The fee to apply to study at UNISA for 2023 is R125 for online applications. UNISA no longer accepts hard-copy applications. 


The closing date for application fees is the closing date of applications. If any applications are submitted without the application fees paid on time, the application will not be considered. 

Can UNISA Reject My Application?

Yes, UNISA can reject your application. UNISA reserves the right to reject your application at their discretion. 


UNISA may also reject your application if the course you have applied to study is already full. If your application is rejected, you can appeal the rejection, or you can re-apply in the next application period. 


You can also apply to certain UNISA courses at selected TVET colleges. This is due to the UNISA-TVET agreement

How Will I Know If UNISA Has Accepted Me?

You will receive an email from UNISA with an offer for the course you have been accepted for. You must then accept the offer within the deadline (usually 10 days from the date the email was sent to you). 


If you do not accept the offer within this time, the offer will be withdrawn and given to somebody else. Be sure you accept the offer in time. 


Yes, UNISA students can get funding from NSFAS, provided they meet all NSFAS criteria. However, NSFAS does not fund Short Learning Programmes


Note that funding is dependent on the availability of funds. This means that even if you meet all NSFAS requirements, this does not guarantee that you will receive funding from NSFAS. 


For more information on NSFAS and UNISA resources, you can check out these Facebook Groups: 


What Have We Learned?

  • UNISA is a fully correspondence-based university
  • You can use the UNISA Readiness Tool to check if you are ready for distance learning
  • You can pass distance learning when you join Together We Pass
  • The UNISA online application fee for 2023 is R125
  • UNISA reserves the right to reject your application
  • UNISA will notify you if you are accepted or rejected
  • UNISA students can get funding from NSFAS

Author: Chloe Bydawell
Editor: Sive Ncanywa
Date: August 29 , 2022