How, What and Were questions about Unisa

Information about Unisa
Information about Unisa

Information about Unisa fees and funding, admissions, registrations, as well as careers and qualifications information are being discussed below.

Information about Distance Learning and Unisa

How do I know if Distance Learning is the right option for me?

Not many people are well known to distance learning, due to the fact that most of our schooling and post-school education were completed through interaction or face-to-face learning.

Is Unisa a (online) distance learning/correspondence University?

Unisa is indeed and open distance learning university (ODL). Visit for more information.






Information about What Career and Qualifications to choose

What qualifications do Unisa offer?

Unisa offers different levels of qualifications such as:

  • Undergraduate higher certificates, diplomas & degrees, advanced certificates, advanced diplomas, postgraduate certificates & BTech degrees: Click here.
  • Honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas: Click here.
  • Master’s and doctoral qualifications: Click here.
  • Short learning programmes: Click here.

How do I choose the right qualification for myself?

Careers are usually a work in progress, and therefore you continuously need to make career decisions.  The same goes for choosing what to study.

Information about Unisa admission and how to apply for it

Who must apply for admission?

  • Everyone who wants to start studying for a new qualification must apply for admission.  It also includes first-time Unisa applicant, Unisa student changing to a new qualification as well as applicant who previously applied for admission and have not been offered a space.
  • If you want to complete a Higher Certificate or Alternative Pathway/Extended programme, you must also apply for admission for a follow-on qualification.
  • You must also re-apply for admission if you applied for admission before and received feedback, but you did not register for a certain reason.
  • Everyone who is also planning to enrol at a Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college under the Unisa-TVET agreement must apply for admission.

Information about how do I apply to study at Unisa?

Visit the Unisa application website and follow the 5-step process:  Click here.

For answers to the following below admission questions, please click here:

    • When can I apply?
    • How many qualifications can I apply for?
    • I studied previously through Unisa. Must I also submit my academic record?
    • Will I still be able to submit any outstanding documents after applications have closed?
    • Will I be able to change my proposed qualification to a diploma or higher certificate if my Grade 12 results don’t give me admission to my degree of choice?
    • I’m currently in Grade 12. When should I apply?





Information about Fees and Student Funding

Is there an application fee? If so, how much is it?

      • For the self-help and online applications it is R105.00.  It is a non-refundable application.
      • For the free hard copy applications it is R160.00.  It is a non-refundable application as well.

This application fee is non-refundable, no matter if you decide not to study through Unisa or you do not qualify for admission to Unisa.

Please note: The closing date for applications is final. No late fees will be accepted, not under any circumstances.

The following fees and student funding related questions can also be found here.

      • Who must pay the application fee?
      • Is the application fee subject to a cooling-off period?
      • When can I apply for NSFAS funding?

Information about what happens after applying for admission at Unisa

I’ve applied. What are the next steps?

      • Unisa will assess your application, including the point score system.
      • Please note:  Even if you do meet the above requirements for your chosen qualification(s), it does not give you automatic acceptance to study through Unisa.
      • Unisa will notify you about the outcome of your application.
      • Each applicant gets a set period of time to either accept or decline Unisa’s offer.
      • You must register in the set period which you have been given admission, if you accept Unisa’s offer.

The following admission related questions can also be found here.

      • When can I expect feedback on my online application?
      • I’ve applied for one qualification, but now want to change to another qualification. What should I do?





Information about Unisa Registration

      • How can is still register when I did not apply during the application period?
      • You can only apply for admission during the next application set time period.

For more information about Unisa, please visit:

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Written by:  Leonor Breytenbach

Last updated:  14 May, 2018