Interview with Amelia Fourie, A Top UNISA Student

Another interview with a Top UNISA student!


I managed to get an interview with Amelia Fourie, a top UNISA student to answer some of my questions. She achieved 88% in CLA1502 landing her 3rd place in the Top UNISA student competition. Below is the interview, question and answer style:

Interview with Amelia Fourie, A Top UNISA Student

Why did you choose UNISA instead of other tertiary institutions?

As I am studying while working full time and I also don’t necessarily enjoy sitting in a class but rather work at my own pace, these two were the main factors that I preferred Unisa to another institution.

What is your source of motivation?

I have a need to always learn something, whether it be a new process at work or another useless fact about Einstein, this need is what drives. I want to never stop learning.

When did you start studying with UNISA?


What are the things you would do differently if you were to study with UNISA again?

Nothing 🙂

What have you learnt while studying at UNISA?

Patience is a virtue ! Sometimes their administration wheels turn very slowly but eventually it will get done.

How has Together We Pass helped you with your studies?

TWP has given me a platform to discuss problems on the work with other students, it has also taken away the “admin” of running a study group – here it is all online, I don’t have to keep track of who is in which group and who has submitted assignments for comparison – this is all done.

What is your favourite quote?

Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere – Albert Einstein

What advice would you give to other UNISA students?

Don’t wait to start working on the material you receive, work hard from day one, the days on the calendar are much closer than they look. Ask if you are unsure on something ! Always check that your exam dates don’t clash as that is the worst possible thing that you can have happen.

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