Interview with Faith Mlalazi, TWP’s Top UNISA Student!

For those of you who don’t know, Faith won our Top Student Competition for Semester 1 2015.

I asked Faith for some time out of her crazy schedule to answer some of my questions. She was kind enough to answer them and I thank her profusely! :) Here is the interview with Faith Mlalazi and I:

Interview with Faith Mlalazi, TWP’s Top UNISA Student!

Why  did you choose UNISA instead of other tertiary institutions?

I chose Unisa because of the good reputation they have built for themselves. In Marketing I would compare it to an excellent brand. I have been fortunate enough to network with some of their “final products” who are doing well in their professional lives. That inspired me a great deal!

What is your source of motivation?

I discovered that learning has no limits. Each time I do a module I realize that indeed there’s no limit to education. I am motivated by the fact that I do not wish to be content with the little knowledge I have. Unisa says “Learn Without Limits” and that is what I want to achieve.

When did you start studying with UNISA?

I started in 2012, second semester.

What are the things you would do differently if you were to study with UNISA again?

I would probably start learning at a younger age, at 19, soon after my “A” level in Zimbabwe. I took too long to make that decision and I regret that aspect of my studies.

What have you learnt while studying at UNISA?

I have learnt a lot. The list would be long if I were to itemize everything. Most importantly I have learnt to cease as many opportunities as I can, to improve myself in my work and to learn continuously.

How has Together We Pass helped you with your studies?

It has helped me to think even more broadly in that while Unisa dishes out study material, Together We Pass explains the modules and hence I read more into a given situation. Come exam time, Together gives me confidence that would otherwise lack. So far it has proven to be an indispensable part of my education.

What is your favourite quote?

“In theory, Performance Review process can be thought of as a positive interaction between a “coach” and an employee, working together to achieve maximum performance. In reality, it’s more like finding a dead squirrel in your backyard and realizing the best solution is to fling it onto your neighbor’s roof”. Scott Adams

What will you be doing after you have completed your degree?

I have not yet completed my degree but I hope to persue a Masters once I do.

What advice would you give to other UNISA students?

I advise them to work hard right from the beginning and not to be comfortable with last minute preparations. If possible they can join study groups to share their thoughts as this helps the mind to recollect even better. Together We Pass has a lot of resources and has a personal touch that makes one feel that “This can be done…. It is not completely impossible to pass, it’s not impossible to attain distinctions back to back either!”

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