Launching Shield Face Masks


Together We Pass has launched a new brand:  Shield Face Masks.  You can now buy your beautiful and perfectly crafted fabric face mask from us.

Why is Together We Pass making face masks?

At Together We Pass our philosophy has always been around people.  Helping people work together, helping people to pass.  


Now we face a threat to our very lives, and we would like to help.  We are doing so for three reasons.


The first is because we want to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  It is now compulsory to wear a mask when you leave the house because our government believes in the strategy that much.  So we will help to supply everyone with safe, effective 3 layer cotton masks.



Secondly we want to help out of work seamstresses, who are not working due to the lockdown.  This brings them vital income to keep themselves and their families eating!


Thirdly, we want to generate new income in order to pay our staff who we cannot pay during this lockdown.  Our business has shrunk so much that we need to cut costs to even survive.  So any profits will go to paying these staff who are on reduced or no salary.  Any surplus profits we will donate to the Solidarity Fund.


Why should I buy a face mask?

First and foremost it is to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. This article explains in depth how cloth masks help to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Also, from 1 May 2020 you will not be allowed to leave the house if you are not wearing a cloth mask.  


This means that you can be arrested if you are found in public without a mask.


And if you do manage to avoid the police you will not be allowed into the shop you wish to visit.  Your child will not be allowed into their school.


What is great about a Shield face mask?

Our Shield Face Masks are made from high quality materials, and are made by experienced seamstresses.  The pattern for the mask follow government guidelines. Our masks are made with three layers for your safety.  


We have also tried to source a variety of suppliers and designs, so you can choose from functional to beautiful.  


Whichever Shield Face Mask you choose you will be helping to prevent the spread of the dreaded coronavirus.


Does a Fabric Face Mask stop me from getting Coronavirus?

No, a fabric face mask cannot prevent you from getting the coronavirus.  The virus particles are so small that they can pass through even three layers of a cloth mask.


However, it vastly reduces the risk of infection if both the carrier and non carrier are wearing a face mask. This is especially important with Covid-19 as the carrier (the person with the virus) can show no symptoms at all. So you may have it and be spreading it, and never know! So everyone needs to wear a mask just in case!


It further reduces the risk if you are also practising social distancing. So if both you and the person who has Covid-19 are wearing a mask, and stand 6 feet away from each other you can reduce the risk of infection by 95%!


Where can I buy a Shield Face Mask?

You can get further information at our Shield website.  Or follow the links below directly.



Written by:  Tabitha Bailey

Last updated: April 29, 2020