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Need to contact Unisa? Our myUnisa page makes that easy

We know that it can be very difficult to get hold of Unisa, be it through it’s various contact channels or through social media Together We Pass uses this myUnisa contact page to give you all the contacts we have for Unisa that we have collected since 2008.


If you need more information about studying with UNISAhow to register with UNISA or just need some study tips and exam tips, we can help you.


Remember, this myUnisa contact page is your number one 1 resource when you need to find a contact number or email address for UNISA.

New contact details for myUnisa

If you have other contact details to add to our MyUnisa page that are not listed below, please let us know and we will add them to the list.


Contact us at our email address: [email protected].


This myUnisa page is the best possible contact resource for Unisa on the Internet. You can help us keep it up-to-date by sending in any additional details you might have.



Important details when contacting Unisa


When you are trying to get in touch with Unisa regarding an issue, it’s easy to mix up your words and being unable to get your message across.


Here are a few tips that you can use when it comes to contacting Unisa (if you can’t find the info on myUnisa, of course) about anything related to your studies.


  • Remember to register as soon as the registration window open, and send any queries you have as soon as registration opens when staff are less busy.
  • Make sure that your message is short, clear and to the point.
  • Always include your name, student number, name of module in full and the code.

What is Together We Pass?

Together We Pass has been working closely with Unisa students over the past 12 years, building up a wealth of knowledge in this time.


With distance learning comes challenges, but there are plenty of services out there which caters to the needs of UNISA students. Together We Pass is one such institution. Since 2008, we’ve helped and assisted 1000s of students with their BCom and LLB UNISA modules via our online study groups and study resources (study notes and exam packs).


In our study groups, students will have access to a vast number of resources as well as access to our cheat-free assignment comparison tool. Additionally, students will have the chance to engage with each other to discuss their module’s work.


Our study notes and exam packs provide you with the perfect tool to use alongside your textbook as well as to prepare yourself for your UNISA module. Combining it all together will give you a greater chance of passing your UNISA module.



Why does Together We Pass create a myUnisa page?

Because we are dedicated to helping students with their UNISA journey. We believe in making things easier for the everyday Unisa student and this is our way to show that any little help we can give a student studying with UNISA, we will gladly give!


Viva myUnisa!


Important Contact Details for Student Assistance at Unisa

Now we know that over the past few years, the university has improved their contact system that enables students to reach out to various sections of the university which includes:


  • General enquiries
  • myUnisa and myLife services
  • Student Admissions and Registrations
  • Information Services
  • Various Administration departments that assists with student assessments, assignments, and examinations
  • College-specific enquiries
  • Financing, Student Funding, and Study Material enquiries

Additionally, contact details can be found for each Unisa regional centre around the country (with specific details for enquiries in that sector).


View all contact details that are made available online for Unisa students to keep in touch with the university here.


Can’t Find What You’re Looking For on myUnisa?

My Unisa contact details


If you can’t find what you’re looking for on myUnisa, reach out to us via our email or through social media.


We are always on hand to answer any queries about your studies, and can put you into study groups to assist with discussions, assignment comparison, sharing of resources, or just try and put you in touch with the right person to help.


We’re here to help you with your Unisa journey, making it as easy as possible.

First Published on 28 July 2013
Updated: 25 January 2022


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