No Matric But I Want to Study Nursing

I have No Matric but I want to study nursing in South Africa. Nursing is a highly sought after profession in South Africa, so you are not alone in this search.

The first thing to do is make sure you are only looking to study accredited courses. All Nursing Courses are accredited by the SA Nursing Council (SANC)

Can I Study Nursing in South Africa if I do not have a Matric?

The simple answer to this is no, you can’t unless you have an equivalent qualification that meets the entry requirement for the course you want to study.

In order to study a Nursing programme in South Africa, you will have to meet the minimum requirements:

  • A bare minimum of 40% in English or home language
  • A bare minimum of 50% for Life Sciences or Biology
  • Passed Mathematics and Life Orientation

If you do not meet the admission requirements, you can either take an alternative course that can help you meet the requirements or upgrade your Matric marks.

As you are working towards getting the entry requirements to study nursing, you can read further to start understanding what you need to think about when you want to study nursing.


What to Think About When Considering Studying Nursing

There are many pitfalls in education in South Africa. One of them is the question of accreditation. Before considering any institution you must be sure that the school you want to make use of has been accredited by the SANC.

Secondly you find out if the college you want to study at has any connections with the professional world. Do they have a good reputation for producing excellent nurses? Have other graduates easily found a job once they completed their studies. These are all questions that can be answered with a little research on our trusty friend Google.

Lastly, you can investigate the quality of the education you will receive. This means asking the institution to show you what is covered in the course. You could also speak with graduates from the college you want to go to to see about their experiences and in addition get to know that they rate the professors along with the learning material.

Requirements for Acceptance into Nursing Courses 

Before sending college applications, perform some self-examination and know your good and bad points. Actually, picking a college programme is a thing that you should start considering from senior high school.

Since nursing influences a medical field that is highly science-based, you should be generally efficient at science. This is obvious, however you should also take science subjects in college. It would not seem sensible applying for Nursing Courses Without Matric if you had no basic science knowledge.

To improve your college application, you should also volunteer at various healthcare facilities, from hospitals, to convalescent homes and even for your school nurse’s office. You will gain valuable knowledge inside the field and you will also get advice from professionals on how to best advance your work.

In addition, your nursing training can also be easier plus much more enjoyable when you have prior knowledge. You will also get many referees who you’ll be able to add on your resume when you are done with your Nursing Courses Without Matric.


Can I Study Nursing at Unisa?

Unfortunately, studying for a BA Nursing qualification at Unisa is no longer an option. The qualification is in the process of being phased out with it being offered until 2026, with only students previously registered for the course able to register for modules.

Unisa do offer the Masters of Arts in Nursing Science qualification, of which you need to have a prior Nursing qualification to your name. Learn more about the details on how to qualify for the programme here.

If you’re planning to study a lower nursing qualification at Unisa, then you are out of luck. Unisa does not offer a higher certificate or diploma qualification that will help students find their way towards studying in the nursing field.

Nursing Course Options

Here is a list of accredited nursing institutions that you can take a look at to make your decision on where you want to study (as of end 2021):

Depending on your conditions and the type of nursing programmes, you can decide to take online classes or you may go for classroom based learning for your Nursing Courses.

It is highly recommended that it’s better to learn nursing at a traditional brick-and-mortar school due to its practical nature. The other benefit of learning inside a classroom is that there is a better environment for consultation due to the closer one-on-one interaction among students and professors.

This greatly enhances learning and you also get all-rounded, comprehensive education. You will also get to learn how to work with other folks since teamwork is a crucial part of life in the medical field.

This doesn’t mean that you ought to not sign up for classes on the web. Online courses are ideal in case you are working while studying. Online is very flexible and also you are free to study at your own pace, following on from your own schedule.

Online is also relatively more affordable so they are perfect if money is a constraint. Consider these options making the best decision in your case.


Last Updated: August 28 2022

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      1. Hi I’m 32 years of age n I m getting my matric this year will I be able to study nursing and how long does it take and will I be able to get a job afterwards?

        1. Remember that you do need to have English/Afrikaans, Life Sciences and Mathematics in order to do Nursing. As for how long it would take for you to get a job, that would be solely up to you

  1. I am Maureen Jonas. working 23 yrs in Government. Have a lot of experience. Have only a grade 10 certificate. want to become a staff nurse bridging course…. How does I go about pls

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