NSFAS Application Statuses and their Meaning

NSFAS Application Statuses and their Meaning are something that often get hopeful students very confused!  Read on to get all the answers on this difficult topic.

The most common NSFAS Statuses

  1. Application Submitted
  2. NSFAS Application Statuses and their MeaningAwaiting Academic Eligibility Check
  3. Academic Eligibility Evaluated
  4. Application Withdrawn
  5. Awaiting Evaluation
  6. Awaiting Evaluation Escalation
  7. Awaiting financial eligibility check
  8. Financial Eligibility Evaluated
  9. Provisionally Funded
  10. Waiting Availability of Funds
  11. Application Rejected
  12. Not Funded


NSFAS Application Statuses and their Meaning

Application Submitted

Your application was submitted successfully


Awaiting Academic Eligibility Check

NSFAS have not yet checked if you qualify academically or not.


Academic Eligibility Evaluated

This is the step between ranking and funding.

Application has gone through ranking and needs to be finalised to either Provisionally Funded or Awaiting.

So NSFAS have now checked if you qualify academically or not.


Application Withdrawn

Student has withdrawn the application.

This means NSFAS will no longer consider your application. If your status is withdrawn but you did not withdraw it; don’t panic.

It can be due to technical errors.

In case you mistakenly clicked the “withdraw” button make sure you call NSFAS as soon as possible for application reversal on 0860067327 .


Awaiting Evaluation

Application is submitted and waiting to be evaluated.

Meaning that NSFAS has received your application but they have not yet checked it.


Awaiting Evaluation Escalation

Application is escalated to team leader for resolving.


Awaiting financial eligibility check

NSFAS have not yet checked if you qualify to get funds or not. So you wait.


Financial Eligibility Evaluated

Application is evaluated and awaiting ranking.

Meaning that NSFAS have checked if you qualify to be funded or not.


Provisionally Funded

Application is ranked and provisionally funded.

Your application is successful,you can go to the institution and do your registration.


Waiting Availability of Funds

Application qualifies for funding and is awaiting funds.

So your application is successful; but no funds are available.

With this application status you can register at the institution.


Application Rejected

If you were previously funded by NSFAS they can’t fund you again.


Not Funded

This means you do not qualify.


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