Online Study Groups

What are Online Study Groups?

Online Study Groups are study groups that is available online.

  • Get access to a subject specialist*
  • Receive an Exam Pack*
  • Interact with students studying the same module as yourself.
  • Ask students questions about topics you don’t understand.
  • Help other students who don’t understand.
  • Work through and compare assignments before submission to UNISA
  • Revise and work through past papers with students.
  • Discuss difficult content
  • Share resources such as study notes and past papers

* Only available in Premium Online Study Groups

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Subject Specialists

They are experts in your module and provide you with guidance.*

Assignment Comparison

Improve your assignment and overall marks by comparing your answers with other students.*

Exam Packs

Prepare for your upcoming exams by working through your exam packs.*

The Benefits of an Online Study Group with Together We Pass:

Saves you time (You don’t have to look for a group)

Saves you money (You don’t have to pay for expensive tutors)

How does an Online Study Group work?

Every single thing we do is online; that is why you can join from anywhere in the world!

We provide

Why do we provide Online Study Groups?

  • We believe that study groups can and should be an essential part of distance learning
  • However, meeting in person can be very problematic
  • Thus we have created a system to help students have online study groups
  • It is a low cost, and can be extremely effective if you fully participate
  • Our goal: more students passing their Unisa degrees!

UNISA highly recommends that students use study groups so that you can assist each other with your studies.  However, it is very difficult to find other students in your area, that are doing the same subjects, and can meet at the same times.  We take the pain out of finding a study group, make sure you are have at least 5 members in  your subject (if there are less you don’t have to pay!).  And as it is online you can join from everywhere – we have students from across South Africa, and right across the globe.  The fees are low (working out R25 per month if you join us for the whole term) and the impact is high. And you don’t just have to take my word for it – see what other students are saying.  And you can more about the benefits of a study group here.

Written by:  Leonor Breytenbach

Last updated:  29 May, 2018