Potential Delay of Unisa May/June Exam Results

There has been a backlash from Unisa students in recent days over the staggered release of their May/June exam results. Students may have to wait a bit longer for the publishing of their exam results due to a potential delay.

According to htxt, the release of the final exam marks could change from 27 July to 31 July. Reasons for the potential delay includes:

  • The Unisa Main Campus shutdown that occurred from 1 to 14 July 2019, and
  • A crucial Unisa staff member falling in and is in the recovery stages of her medical procedure.

The 2-week campus shutdown resulted in many exam scripts not processed onto their system. Additionally, the ill staff member is crucial to the examination process as exam results cannot be released without the approval of the external examiner.

Because of this, many results have yet to be released. Some students have been waiting for their results since writing their first exam in April. This has prevented a number of Unisa students from being unable to register for their modules in the second semester.

Second semester registration at Unisa has been open since 16 July. With the potential delay of the Unisa exam results, this gives students under 2 weeks to settle their registration. Fortunately, the final registration and payment date have moved back to 10 August.

The potential release delay of the Unisa exam results leaves students in a bit of a pickle. By the end of registration, students will have less than 3 months’ worth of study time before exams begin. The Unisa website also does have a tendency to crash when faced with heavy traffic. With students expecting to register right after receiving their results, this scenario might prove truthful.

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Last Updated: 23 July 2019

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12 thoughts on “Potential Delay of Unisa May/June Exam Results”

  1. Men, it takes forever to receive results, I wish to know why is that, why can’t they assign people after the end of examination dates, to mark our papers onto time, like many institutions process our examination results earlier, giving us time to prepare for upcoming semester.😤

    1. As stated in the article, there was someone assigned to moderate the exams but because of illness, there is a delay. Exam results cannot be released without her approval, hence the delay.

  2. bianca oosthuyse

    Good morning

    Unisa uploaded a list of modules that are awaiting April/May 2019 exam results to be released.

    My module codes aren’t listed among the other module codes that are awaiting exam results.
    This is very concerning, as I am not sure if my module results will be released with the listed modules.

    Please advice on this matter.

    Concerned student

  3. I failed ENG1501 for the third time I dont know where I went wrong could you please help me with concession because I left with only Engl501.I worked very hard but not manage to pass it.I am a woman of 46years doing pgce in foundation phase

    1. We, unfortunately, do not assist with FI Concessions. We only provide online study groups as well as study resources such as study notes and exam packs.

  4. Afternoon Dylan

    When can we exactly expect to get our results? Kindly take note that Unisa Kimberly telephone line is forever ringing & on Saturdays you’ll only find security at their office.


    1. The final exam results should be completely released today, as reports would suggest. Take a look at your myUnisa and check whether you’ve got your results or not.

        1. Unisa released an update yesterday, stating that over 90% of exam results were published and more were to come. Have you received your results yet?

  5. Unisa is really showing poor management, the delays of results happens each time and no one seems to care about this issue, the problem is quality of their education because around october exams will be starting so it mean the students only have from 10 Aug – mid october,

  6. I got mine on the 28th of November,I don’t know why it take so long and I was suppose to finish my bridging course on this semester I’m only left with one module which I failed last year,so as I willing to continue studying can I apply for B.ed while I am still doing this last module and nsfas will still continue to pay for my studies?please help.

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