Prescribed Unisa Books 2018

The best way to find your prescribed Unisa books 2018 is on the myUnisa Website. They give you options where to buy the books. You can either download the books or buy it online. Another option is to ask your local bookshop owner if they sell your books.

The Yellow Pages can also help you. Find and contact the bookshop closest to you. They will tell you if your book is available or if it can be ordered. Always ask for a quote if they want to order it for you.

How To Search For Your Prescribed Unisa Books 2018?

Unisa will provide you with a list of books. You will also have access to the Official Booksellers list for Unisa. These booksellers can be found online but also in a shop eg. Van Schaik Bookshop has many shops across South Africa.

Double check the name, edition, and author of the book before buying it.

4 Steps To Find Your Prescribed Unisa Books 2018

Follow these easy steps to find your textbooks online:

Step 1:

Register yourself on the myUnisa website. You must have a valid Unisa student number and create your own password.

Step 2:

On the myUnisa home page, scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner and click on Books.

Step 3:

On the left side, click on Prescribed books.

Step 4:

Have your study unit number ready. Make sure that the study unit code is correct and the year is 2018.

Enter it in the first block. Click on the Display button. The books will be listed with all of the information needed. Write it down the information. Now you are ready to buy your books.

Other Options To Find Your Books

You can search for your books on Google or go to a bookshop. Not many of the bookshops will have your book, but they can order it for you. Remember to get a quote before you order it.


The best option is to visit the Unisa Official Booksellers list. It saves more time. You can visit these bookstores online or go directly to them. Eg. Van Schaik Bookshops are available in most of our 9 provinces.

To find the bookshop closest to you, visit SA Booksellers Association. They have a list of bookshops in South Africa.


Download Your Prescribed Unisa Books 2018

The best thing about downloading your books is that it can be free or you can pay for it. Find two options for downloading your books.

Free Download

Follow these steps to download your prescribed book.

  1. Visit the Unisa website
  2. Click on Library
  3. Scroll down and click on e-Resources.
  4. You have to read the Terms and Conditions and accept them, to go to the next step.
  5. Click on E-Books
  6. Choose the correct book and click on its title. You will go to the myUnisa login page. Enter your valid student number and myUnisa password.
  7. Once you have been logged in, follow the instructions to download your book

Find more information on how to download your eBook here.

Paying For Your eBook

Some students would rather pay for their eBooks. Not a problem. We’ve got you covered as well. The Unisa booksellers list also have websites where you can pay for your eBook. Some suggested booksellers include:

The websites above, have their own way of downloading books. If you need help, contact them and they will help you.

Language To Understand

Websites have their own language they display. It can be tricky to understand sometimes. This is what you need to look out when you download your book.

These headings will be (in brackets) next to the name of the book:

  1. Online resource – Your book can be downloaded
  2. eBook – This is what you are looking for
  3. Paperback – This is printed book. Think about the brown books you used in Gr1. It’s not that strong.
  4. Hardcopy – This is also a printed book. The cover page is hard, meaning hardcopy.

Quotation For Prescribed Books

The best way to get a quotation is to contact the bookseller. Each bookseller has their own price.  Things that make up the price of your book are:

  • Season – Is it in season or not? (Beginning of a new academic year)
  • Transportation – If your book is ordered from the UK, you will pay more for transportation of the book, then a book found in South Africa.
  • Demand – If the need for the book is low, prices will be higher.

If the books are too pricey, always opt for a second-hand book instead.

Second-hand Books

Second-hand books are cheaper for one main reason, someone already used it and it might not look pretty. The uglier the cover of the book, the cheaper it is.

Buying books can really take a penny out of your wallet. Why not go for the cheaper option? It might not look good-looking, but you’re not in a class, no one will see it.

Where To Find Second-Hand Books?

Many students study or studied at Unisa. That is the first and best place to look for books. Visit the Unisa e-Bookshop to see if your book is available to buy.

Other popular places are Facebook and Gumtree. Once again, many people log onto Facebook every day. What better way to find books while chatting with your friends?

Join the following Facebook groups to get you started:

Gumtree also has a lot of users. Many students advertise their books on Gumtree.

Each of these platforms will have their own prices. You can chat with the seller directly and discuss the price of the book. Students having problems finding their prescribed books or getting them from a bookseller, please contact Unisa [email protected].

Find Unisa Official Booksellers here. Contact them to get a quotation for your books.

Last Updated: 05 February 2023

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