Announcement over the price changes being made to the TWP online study groups for the 2020 academic year.

Price Changes to TWP Online Study Groups

02 December 2019

“If you do not create change, change will create you” – Unknown

The concept of change is an ever present constant in the world. It’s inevitable and you either stay behind or go with the changes.

Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United’s legendary former manager, once said that you can control change by accepting. By changing the status quo every few years, he kept his Manchester United team fresh with new ideas and concepts

The same can be said about UNISA. Each year, they have to change and adapt to what qualifications are worth keeping, discarded and which new qualifications is introduced. This is proven by recent changes to UNISA’s programme such as dropping all B Tech qualifications. 

We’re not susceptible to change either and as our way to keep up with the time, we’ve decided to change things up a bit too. From 2020 onward, we’re offering our UNISA online study groups at no cost. In other words – FREE!

Our study groups are designed to create a community of students with similar interests, to come together and discussing the specific module’s work. With the study groups available at no charge, UNISA students will now be able to enjoy all the benefits that we have to offer at no cost. 

So – what do you get when you join up with one of our UNISA online study groups?

  • Access to our vast and wide variety of resources;
  • Access to our cheat-free Assignment Comparison and Exam Preparation tools;
  • A dedicated forum to discuss everything related to your UNISA module with your fellow peers.

Since 2008, we’ve assisted UNISA LLB and BCom students with their modules via our online study groups and study resources such as our study notes and exam packs.

For further assistance, leave a comment below or contact us at any of the following outlets:

Telephone: 012 740 2350
Facebook: Together We Pass
Twitter: Together We Pass

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